Has anyone installed Fiero seats in their car?

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  1. Dumb luck fell on my lap last weekend and I scored a pair of 85' Fiero seats with the speakers built into the headrests for $70. To me this is ideal for a convertible with loud exhaust as opposed to playing with the volume knob at every red light. I'm now hunting for a shop to reskin them in vinyl (or leather if I can afford to do the back seat too) matching the stock type pattern.

    I could swear I have heard and seen others talk about this conversion before so I'd like to hear any pitfalls or concerns from anyone that has if you care to chime in on the subject.

  2. There's a guy who might have some knowledge. 65Fastback is his screen name. I don't know if he's done it directly but I know he's mentioned it a few times.

    If you do it let me know....cause I have a convertible as well and wouldn't mind having a setup like that.

    What part of RI are you from ?
  3. Upgrade the speakers in them as well as a reskin. I had them in a S-10 I used to own and I didn't like the way they sounded.
  4. I used to won a Fiero, those were some comfortable seats. The speakers did suck, thats a good suggestion to replace them.

    I recall a couple of posts about Fiero seats long ago, a search should turn them up. How often could Fiero be used on this forum???:D
  5. Moneypit, thanks for the tip, I'll PM him.

    I will be doing a write up on the install for 69stang.com so no worries, I'll keep you posted on how it goes. BTW, I was originally from Pawtucket, live in NH now though.

    Cobra, well, I pulled the skins off the other night already and found a pretty new set of Alpine 3.5" replacements already in there. I do plan to test them for quality prior to reskining just t make sure i like them though. If not then I already have my eyes on a set of Blaupunkt's for them. Thanks for the tip though.

    Nasa, yeah a friend of mine had an 84' back in the day yo and I do remember them being quite comfortable but the sound was tinny. For some reason I did not even think about doing a search, thanks.

    I still can't believe the buy I got on these, I have been looking for these for a few years now. There is currently a foul looking set on ebay up to $179 and there is a dealer of used Fiero parts in Connecticut that sells them for $125 a piece.
  6. Pak,

    That was me that posted about the Fiero seats several years ago. I pulled a pair from a junk yard and had them reupholstered with a cloth insert down the middle and vinyl to match the interior on the sides and back.

    I never hooked up the speakers, so I can't comment on them, but the seats were very comfortable. They, also, maintain the seat height, unlike some of the aftermarket seats (that raise the seat position and squeeze you toward the steering wheel). I just mounted my old seat tracks to them and installed them identical to the stock seats.



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  7. also rx7 convertable seats have speakers in them, but they are actually nice speakers. incase anyone was interested in them, they are also very comfortable and i think come with leather from the factory...so if anyone likes this mod check those out too ;)
  8. Tim, thanks for chiming in I knew someone here did but couldn't remember who. So no regrets I take it then, that's good to know. They look great in your car! The cloth inserts look better than I thought to. I was pondering an alternative to cloth that would hopefully stay cooler with the top down in the sun the same way. I may have to try some test swatches like that now. I can't believe that you never hooked up the speakers though, to me that was the biggest reason I have been seeking a set of these. Of course you do have a hard top so less incentive I guess. That's good to know about the seat height, that was my second reason for wanting a set. I wasn't sure if because they were so low that they needed the old seat tracks attached like most replacement seats do or not. Any drilling involved or did they pretty much bolt right up? I'd love to see any/all pics you have of them like the above one if you want to email them to me.

    Rebel, any RX7 vert or a particular year range? That's interesting, I never realized. I would have thought a car like that had all electric stuff to deal with even if I knew it had speakers. I know I can make a profit on these for sure so I'll have to check that out and see what they run, thanks.
  9. there was only 1 generation of Rx7 convertables, my friend's is an 89 but i'm sure all of the ones from his gen, 89-92?? i'm not entirely sure. but yes they have a lot of speakers in that thing!! it's funny. not that i've ever seen anyone put a rx7 seat in a stang, not sure of the mounting it up, but i can't think it would be as hard as mounting a Sparco racing seat in a 65 hehe.
  10. The RX7 'verts were all second gen, 86-91. Found a mint 87 5spd Turbo? vert for my dad a few years ago but I never convinced him to buy it. :(

    Those Fiero seats look sharp, a buddy of mine has owned about 18 Fieros in the last 2 years. I cant say I paid much attention to the seats before, but man I like those!
  11. You may have also seen me mention that I was planning on using 'em. I'd bought a really decent from a u-pull-it for $25. I like the way they sit and that they maintained the proper seat height, but ultimately decided they didn't quite fit my image for the car. Well, that and my fat ass needed a more substantial seat.
  12. Yeah, when I did a search finally I came up with that old thread, in fact I was the last one to post and asked what became of them but you never replied. 2 years later I finally found a set of my own. I will say this, they sure are comfortable to sit in while out of the car, huge improvement from stock.
  13. Wow, I must've missed your post, 'cause I didn't know you were looking for a set... geez, I've still got the ones I was going to use. That said, I think you did better than paying the shipping for mine. And I absolutely agree that they're more comfortable than the stock seats, even the highback Mach 1 seats.

    Be sure to post pics when you get 'em installed. Oh, and you might surf the internet a bit for seat recover kits. There are a couple folks out there selling custom made-to-order recover kits for those seats. Probably due to the Ferarri kit car market.

    Good luck!

  14. Very Nice!!!!!!!:nice:

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  15. Yeah I found an online source called http://www.mrmikes.com/ that specializes in these seats for all sorts of applications. I guess it is a more popular swap than I realized. I have recently contacted him to see if he would do a special order of his "88 style" for me in black vinyl instead of leather with no ribs in the knee section. That should look very simillar to my stock design. If he won't do them in vinyl than I may spring for the normal leather if I can get someone to make me a matching leather cover for the rear as well.
  16. darkbudda, you still have those fiero seats? Would you like to sell them? I might be interested if it's a good price. PM me please.
  17. I've gotten a few PMs about the seats already. If you're interested, I'm only selling 'em local pick-up, if at all. And local in this case means the Tampa area. This is unfortunately very necessary since it's really a logistical nightmare for me since I'm in Seattle and the seats (and my car) are in Tampa. It's a long complicated story, but it's just the way it is. I have to rely on my brother to facilitate the transaction, and I don't like obligating other folks (even family) for my committments. I'm sure ya'll understand...
  18. FYI to all interested in a Fiero seat, they do pop up on ebay from time to time and seem to sell for an average of $200 a pair and the only online vendor I can find is called Kick Hill out of connecticut and he sells them for $100 - $125 a piece but they are in mint shape. He does hint that you can contact him about less than perfect pairs whish I'm sure are cheaper but he does not specifically list them on his sight. Shipping seems to vary from about $45 to $100 depending on method.

    That's why for $70 plus $20 in gas I was all over the set I found. I highly recommend lurking on Fiero forums as that audience is less likely to drive the price up on a seat everyone has compared to the hot rod forums where it's highly saught after.
  19. I finally got around to recovering these seats this weekend so I thought I would dig up this old thread and update it with some pictures. I have to say that Mr. Mikes did an awesome job on this custom order for me. He used a very nice quality Leatherette on them and did a great job matching the 2 stock grains to the original stock seats. I have a few wrinkles to iron out still but I hope to have them installed by end of next week. For a total investment of $472 plus about 4 hours of my time it was hundreds less than a typical Scat Procar type of set up and looks way better I think.


  20. They look killer! Nice choice in the custom recovers too. Those will definitely add something a bit extra to the car, especially the driving experience (which is what really matters, right?). Definitely post pics of the final install in the interior.