Has anyone installed Fiero seats in their car?

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  1. Here's a link to a great thread on installing 2000 GT rear seats into a coupe - http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=619347&highlight=+rear++seat

  2. Cool link Tim, thanks!

    66' The Corbeau brackets will probably work great since you already have them. I know you want extra room but if they are even lower than the stock Mustang ones you may have to build them up a little, just FYI. The Fiero seat naturally leans back and so does the seat riser making it overly so combined.

    I think the overall vinyl is a good choice. His leatherette is very nice. He used to only offer leather before I started discussing this with him and even then it's only the top seat area, the rest is vinyl anyway so why not pay half price for all vinyl and save some coin.

    Keeps us posted on that rear seat guy. You can always order just a roll of the matching vinyl from Mr. Mike too so you know you get a perfect match.

    As for alternate rear seat ideas I was thi8nking about something that I saw them do to a 65' Chevelle wagon on CCR. They ran a custom center console all the way to the back and used 2 bucket seats in the rear. I was thinking it might be neat to put a matching set of Fiero seats back there or even my stock front seats and then have a nice big speaker in the center console divider since speaker options in a vert is very limited.
  3. Rear seat covers

    I haven't received the actual covers yet, but did receive a photo of the custom rear seat covers that I had sewn at a shop in CA (below). I'm hoping the covers feel and fit as good as they look. (When I get the covers in hand and install them I will give a more detailed description, and the contact info.)

    These are custom rear seat covers for the 65-66 Mustang coupe to match the style of the cool Mr.Mike's front seat covers. I went with the grainy vinyl for the inset and smoother vinyl for the rest, in black. The sheen is more flat than gloss as I requested. This matches my LeCarra steering wheel better. The pleats are 2" (maybe 2.5, can't remember but will check) and the tops of the insets are squared off rather than rounded like stock, again to better match the Mr.Mike's front seats. I paid $100 plus shipping and they were done within 24 hours. (The shop had to make a new template for this custom job, so it cost a little more than a stock job. Maybe the next sets will be cheaper?)

    I'm looking forward to speaking with Mr.Mike next week to get the front upholstry kit ordered.
  4. Front seat covers

    Here's a photo of the style of front seat covers I'd like to buy from Mr.Mike to match the rears I just posted above. I will ask Mr.Mike to use a vinyl that matches the rear seat covers. So you can see that the overall style between front and rear should match pretty well.
  5. $100 does seem like a good deal. I have only found a handfull of vendors willing to sell just a stock rear seat cover instead of a whole set and they cost more than that. So how did he get the proper dimensions for your rear seat if he didn't have an exisiting pattern? I am very surprised you had them done before getting the front seats you are trying to match, I hope they do match as well as they look in the picture.

    Keep us posted. I'm still hoping I can get Mr. Mike to do the backs for me for a perfect match.
  6. My front seats in my stang are also Fiero seats. Not sure of what yr though.
  7. The rear seat guy does the stock 65-66 all day long. He changed the stock template he had on hand to accomodate my different inset. Overall dimensions are the same though, and both insets are the stock width of 15". He sent me the vinyl codes for the inset and the rest of the seat so the match can be perfect. It's possible Mr. Mike has vinyl that looks the same but feels better to the touch. I have no idea what the rear seats feel like, but I guess it doesn't matter. They'll never be used anyway.... $100 was really about the best I could even hope for. I'll update when the rear covers are installed and when the front covers are installed, and when the intermediate brackets are made to attach the Fiero seats to Corbeau brackets I have on hand. I'm taking next week off to get these things done (and other car stuff too).

  8. Oh that's great then, maybe he has the 69 pattern too. All I really want is the same shell done but with a wider than stock vertical pleat in the middle to match my new front seats. Can't wait to see your update. Mr. Mikes new Leatherette is a little more supple than a regular vinyl but looks the same so it should be a nice match once he uses the same grain codes.

    Hey Blown65, I did not know you had these too, what did you cover yours in? If they have speakers they are 84-85 if they don't then they are 86-88.

  9. Mine are covered in cloth. I dont remember if they had speakers or not, but they dont now. LOL


    I still need to get a set of side covers for the seat back mech.
  10. They match the whole interior theme nicely. Yeah those covers seem hard to come by if you don't get them with the seats, they tend to crack alot. Looks like you need the adjustment lever too. Occasionally they both pop up on ebay but you can always try www.kickhill.com they have tons of parts cars to pick from. I redied mine black and they came out pretty good. So was your choice just dumb luck or did you steal this idea from the hot rod boys like I did?
  11. dumb luck i guess. bought them like 10-12 yrs ago at least
  12. I used to own an 86 Fiero. The best place for new parts is here:


    The seat adjustment covers and lever handle are under Interior/Trim
  13. I have a friend who just picked up a set for his Mach 1 and needs covers, I'll pass that link onto him, thanks NASA.

    So Blown I guess it's safe to assume then that they stand the test of time and you have been happy with them since it was so long ago, that's good to know!:nice:
  14. Any progress or updates? I*'m anxious to get moving on my backseats as well.
  15. Minor update

    I received the rear seat upholstery, but am waiting on the front seats. mrMike had to get the matching vinyl from a new vendor in Florida and they didn't deliver it to him in a timely fashion. When I get his kit, next week he told me, I can use the hog ring pliers that I need on the rears first. So I can give the name of the shop in CA, but can't add a photo of the installed product yet. (I just spent 5 days working on the car at the paintshop and got a number of other items done though...) The shop is called Upholstery in Motion and the person I've been emailing with is Karim.

    His small website is:


    I found him on ebay though here:

  16. Ok I got ya, thanks. I'll begin a converstion with Karim while awaiting your install. BTW, Mr. Mike sends you a huge bag of hog rings too, more than enough to do the back seat as well so don't buy any.
  17. Upholstery installed

    Ok I installed the upholstery on the rear seats (from karim) and on one of the front seats (from Mr. Mike). I used all new padding on the rear after cleaning and painting the frames, and added padding liberally to the front per Mr. Mike's suggestions (and a bit beyond). I also added the Clearwater Audio speakers in the headrest of the front. I'd have to say that the rear looks great (my first attempt at upholstery not withstanding) and the front seat looks amazing. I have the flat stock for the intermediate brackets but haven't done anything yet, sorry (spent time on brakes and detailing undercarriage). The front seat is the Vetter option that Mr.Mikes offers with the dual vinyl to match the rears that Karim did.
  18. Hey, that looks awesome! Have you sat in it yet? How did you think it felt compared to the Corbeau you were used to? Are you still using those tracks if you need ot make brackets still.

    BTW, you may find you have to delete the side mechanism covers on a 65.
  19. Thanks!

    Thanks, I like these redone Fiero seats better than the Corbeaus. Mainly because the person sits in them rather than on them, like with the hard Corbeaus. And of course they have a different look that fits a restomod a bit better, imho.

    Since I had to have Mr.Mike order some specific custom upholstery my cost came out to $396 for both front seats delivered. And I paid $50 for the pair of front seats to start. So each seat was $223. Corbeaus are $320 per seat. I sold my Corbeaus recently so that worked out very well.

    And the four speakers for the headrests were $127 delivered (optional but I figured why not). So, not including the brackets the front seats were less than the Corbeaus (and the Corbeaus don't include brackets anyway). I had paid $165 for the rear seat covers which included cross-country shipping and all the new padding I'd need (covers alone were $100). I'd have to do that with Corbeaus anyway.

    I resprayed the mechanism cover and the recline handle with satin Fusion paint, to make them look new. I may install the seat a bit further to the middle of the car if needed in my 66 to keep the cover if possible, I like having it. :) I have some options for the brackets but haven't looked closely enough to know which option is best. My car's at the paint shop so I have a huge list of things to do so i'm always busy. I will update though when my interior is put in the car.

    And thanks for the original thread, this helped me out!
  20. FWIW, I used seats from an early 80's Toyota Supra in my '69. The bolt holes matched up pretty well (there was very slight modification needed). The seats are infinitely adjustable, with 3-way inflatable lumbar support, headrests etc. One day I will get a pic and post it.