Has anyone modded the small MCH 460/1000 speaker?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by TerranaughtX, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Hi folks.

    Has anyone changed the native 2-1/2" speaker toward the front of the door at the top in the '98-04' Stang?

    I had problems with the CD changer on the Mach 460 (jamming after 9 years of good performance on my '02 3.8 Mustang) and replaced with with a JVC double-din box. The JVC sounded good in the store but I'm not happy at all with the sound now that it's in the car. I have Polk 5x7's on the way to hopefully improve the sound but the sound coming from the little speakers toward the side-views will color everything for sure and I'd like to try to do something about them. I've looked and haven't found a speaker that works in that space except a straight replacement with a used one from E-bay. Mine are not broken and are certainly as good as any straight replacement. There's just something "cheap" about the sound now and I'm hoping for an option.

    I checked the other thread about the Mach 460/1000 and can't say I understand all the implications. I had the JVC (no DVD, no bluetooth, no HD or satellite) installed by local shop and didn't get to watch. Any advice greatly appreciated.