Has anyone raced a Subaru WRX STi?

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  1. I've heard a lot of good things about the STi. Has anyone driven these cars? Anyone got any videos of a STi in action?
  2. I saw one in Sac run a 13.5 @ 100 even with a 1.8 60 ft...that was with 0 mods, stock tires, and 1200 miles on the clock. That 1.8 60 will be killer from stoplight to stoplight...
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  4. I raced a WRX, 5 speed about 2 weeks ago...must suck to have TURBO LAG! we only raced up to about 60mph, but with my 4.10's he didn't have a chance, i beat him by about 3-4 car lengths (that's what he said). so i was happy!
  5. Hell ya :nice:
  6. I raced one on the highway late one night from about a 50 punch up to about 110 or so...I pulled on him by a lot both times...I was surprised, esp since he had it already spooled up at those speeds...He was impressed too, gave the thumbs up...
  7. I race two (STI's) at the track two weeks ago. Killed one off the light and he just kept seeing the ass end of my car from further and further away. The other one left right with me and jumped out to a quick car length, by the end of the 1/4 I had two+ cars on him.

    I really expected a better performace from them. After all the stuff i read about them, thought they were going to ****-slap my Cobra. Instead they got struck.

    I also race this twin turbo AWD Audi wagon that was gutted out for track duty, even had a orange cone/piece of wood homemade ram air in place of the headlight. I had everything in my car, including a folding chair, camera, video camera, etc. He was sleeping at the light (got a .600 head start on him) Got out in front and he couldnt real me in. I ran 12.7 vs his 12.5, both at 111mph.

    Those AWD cars are quick off the line, but stock they dont seem to have much more than that.
  8. ....

    Ive seen modded ones go 13.3 at the track...

    Its just not a straight line power car. Not a drag car... NOT A MUSCLE CAR

    they must be real cool as a daily driver though. Must be cool to have some decent power that can be used year round and in any weather....

    I did also see this really cute girl at etown last season with one that was pretty heavily modded... I think she was in the low 13s too but when she was heading out of the track it sounded like something had broke....

    From what I have seen and heard at the track, they cant handle much more power at the drag strip. With the all wheel drive and too much power and traction somethings got to give and its usually the trans....
  9. my friend has one and wen 13.3 @105 completly stock stock tires, and a passenger
  10. The ricers I work with dog all domestics and praise those STIs....according to both of them a 5spd 99+ GT w/ excellent driver stock cant get under a 14.5 w/ solid hookup. They also claim the terminators run high 13s and swear up and down the STI can run deep into the 12s from factory and will not come off that idea. I don't think they are all that impressive and they look like ass IMO. I wouldnt buy one even for a DD just for the fact its not American...but on another funny note I was talking to them about my old '85 GT and how cheap it would be to get it near 11s w/ a 351W based stroker motor and they all have hatchback Civics and it went as followed:

    Yea for about 5000 you could build a pretty damn potent stroker motor and if you can drive, have a well set up car that thing will be screaming down the track and still have pump gas(had to stop now b/c I got depressed missing my fox)

    well that aint nothing....for 3000 dollars I can have 600hp in my Civic

    well...you spent more than that on your goofy wing, paint, and wheels...why didnt you do that...why dont i see 600hp beasts running around on a daily basis?


    Funny he never did answer that :shrug:
  11. Met one tonight

    Silver One only about 2 weeks off the showroom floor. Had a nice youuuung fella driving. He wasn't too embarrassed to pull over and talk about how it lossssst! :rlaugh:

    We went from about 15-70 on a very deserted stretch of of backroad. He jumped pretty quick. He had nothing after the first 100 ft +/- ft, but the Sube was pretty quick for a pocket rocket. I guess he thought there was somethin' wrong with his car 'cause he said he would be back. OK! :owned:

    Funny thing about this is that '04 Cobra Coupe and '04 WRX cost about the same? They want to run there off-road, fine with me. I'll be glad to blow 'em off the track.
  12. yea off a role there arn't much of ne thing, my friends was dynoed at 255 awdhp and 260 awdtq but off the line they are killer they suck if you dn't know how to launch them, but they handle nice, i stll wouldn't buy one just cuz they look gay and arn't american, but there not bad
  13. They're not much from a roll because of the AWD and the weight. My buddy has an 05 STI and he ran a 13.29 @105 bone stock. The fact that the car can hit low 13's from the factory is pretty cool considering it's a 4 banger. But they also have tons of room for improvement, if you catch a modded one from the line it just may surprise you. They're about $31,500-$32,700 new, and if they take the extra few grand they saved when the decided against the cobra and put it into the engine (assuming they can DRIVE it), then you'll have a 4 cylinder Impreza driver smiling at you through his side window all the way down the track, lol. I almost bought one, but I dunno, not too fond of stickered-up 4 cyl cars.
  14. I only payed $30k for my Cobra. But in the first year they were selling for $36-$39k. Now you can get one brand new for around $29-30k.

  15. Retail vs. Retail was what I meant. The 2004 Cobras (although there aren't many left) retail for about $35,500. I got a killer deal on my 2003 though, $24,500. :)
  16. Just look at thier trap speeds, All low 100's.
    Highly modded will get you a 108/109 trap and that still sucks.
  17. I've raced a few STI's and a bunch WRX's. Never lost to one yet, either when I was stock or pulleyed. My first match up against a WRX when I was bone stock was when it was wet and I still passed him before we hit 50 mph.
  18. I ran one at the track no too long ago, killed it. my 11.7x @123 to his 14.1 @100. Made him look really silly, he was talking smack about cobras before the race.
  19. $24,500???