Has anyone raced a Subaru WRX STi?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Cobra18, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Yep, $24,500, I just picked it up today from a used Chevy dealer. Bone stock (for now) just the way I like it hehe.
  2. I'm assuming that by `used Chevy dealer' you mean that the car was used as well.

    Still a great deal if it is, though.
  3. 24500? How many miles? STi's are very good cars off of the line since they can launch very high, but think about it.... its a 4cyl pumping out about 20psi... hell if Cobras were pumping out that much boost you'd have 700+HP
  4. Yeah it's used, obviously. It has 33k miles, but it has a build date of 7/02, so its been on the road almost 2 years. Not too bad, I put a lot of miles on cars, but for $24,500 I couldn't pass it up, it drives beautifully.
  5. Good stuff! Good luck with it
  6. Man 24,500!!!! That is a wonderful deal. Where exactly are you located?
  7. My friend bought a DSG 2003 Cobra just like mine except stock for $25,000 with 4,000 miles on it. He bought it from the original owner. He modded his just like mine. Makes almost the exact same power.
  8. They arn't pushing 20psi, i believe its 12 not sure but i know its not 20 noone is debating which car is better the looks of the sti are terrible if u ask me, oh and yea a 03 04 cobra with a turbo on 15lbs of boost made 750 rwhp so yea i think they should make they 07's turbo charged i mean come on a turbo charged v8 cobra! that would be sweet
  9. STi's are 16.5 psi

    EVO8's are 19 psi
  10. I haven't raced an STi yet...haven't even seen one yet for that matter.

    I did race one silver WRX in the rain though..I was being REALLY gentle on my car (just staying in front of him), and I still beat on him with ease.
  11. my (then stock except irs bushings) cobra took one from a roll pretty well
  12. You know a v8 is supposed to be fast but you really would not expect a 4 banger to be fast, now as far as stock vs. stock I think the 2v 4,6(99 and up) is a little bit fast but .as far as v8's go the 4.6 liter is not impressive at all.There are so many cars that can match up with the stangs.Don't ya think ford sould of pumped some more power out of the 4.6,instead of getting blow completely out of the watter by f-bodys.Now I still love mustangs but it is such a common car that it bored me to death to see one every 10 second down the road.That's way I bought my wrx.furthermore I see everyone post the wins not how about you man up and post your loses.I can I beat Most mustangs and I can hold my own with the mach 1.yes I am modded but mildedly.but mustangs mod also.Hell I had alittle fun with a green 98 with off road h and definely some other goodies his machine sounded really awesome but you know what...by 110mph he edged me out and I lost but I had fun and respect his victory.So .......hold one on e sec....zzzzzzzippppp....I came prepared.... I have a full suit on.....Flame on!!!!
  13. starting 2005 the new gt will be bumped up to 300hp, thats about 255-265rwhp. I believe ford is making some good changes to the stang.

    Stage 3 roush, saleen sc281, mach 1, all low 13 sec cars while 03-04 cobras are high 12 sec with good drivers.

    It's a horsepower war and their are many cars coming out, awd, that are as agressive as most muscle cars come.

    Let's just all have some fun out their with any vehicle.

    P.S. personnaly I havn't run accross any wrx sti unless I'm in my focus. :nonono:
  14. no you are wrong....the 4.6 is an incredable engine...my 4.6 dohc pumps out 320 hp naturally.....the problem with the mustang is the weight....if ford could get the weight down then everything would be great. What are you expecting? the camaro ss has a full liter more than the mustang yet it only has 5 more hp.....I'd say that is awesome....I know you can bring up the torque side of things but give the motor the credit it is due
  15. I destroyed one about a month ago that had:
    boost cont.
    down pipe
    turbo XS compter (piggyback)

    He was pretty pissed :nice:

    P.S we ran from a dig :owned:
  16. As much as everyone wants to bash on them, I saw them at the drag strip and the 2 kind of cars running that night were the 03/04 cobras and wrx sti's. They were all running in the 12's!!!! destroying both z06 and vipers. I could not belive how a z06 and a viper could not get into the 12's. sad day for non ford fans, hahahahahaha :rlaugh:
  17. from a dead stop they are pretty amazing, but from a roll 300 hp is still 300 hp, even if it is turbo charged. so most of the cobras should beable to beat them.