Has anyone seen or know the owner of this 90 notchback in Central or Northern NJ?

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  1. Hey NorthEasters -

    I'm trying to find the buyer/owner of my last 1990 Mustang notchback that I sold on Corral about 6 years ago. The person I sold it too was located in Northern NJ (Wanaque). From my last contact, he still had the car and was still located up in that region. The owner was (or maybe still is) a member of a few other Mustang forums (this site obviously, Corral, Mustangworks, etc).

    The car is not hard to miss if it still retains the original paint (Light Crystal Blue Metallic), black interior (was all original black pieces) and mods (complete & correct 5-lug conversion, Baer rear disc brakes, GT40, BBK LT's, 24 lbs inj, Pro-M, electric fans, engine/head work, etc etc etc).

    I was in contact with the buyer for a short while (his name was Eric) - however over time and through the years, we lost touch. I had his last email address and tried contacting him recently, but the email address I had is now dead.

    His user ID on here was "tHeOnEGT".

    This is his cardomain site that shows pics of the car after he bought it from me in 2004:


    This is his MySpace page (I think), which also has some pics of the car:

    If anyone has seen this notchback in Central NJ, Northern NJ (or elsewhere), knows of the owner (or maybe current owner if last owner sold it) - please contact me (or put me in contact with them) - or please refer them to this thread.

    I've tried emailing (old email address I had does not work), contacting via CarDomain & MySpace, plus also PM'ing Eric on multiple sites and so far, I have not received any responses (he may just not visit those specific sites anymore because his user ID's have not been active for a while) and I'm sure he's busy in his personal life as well.

    email: [email protected] (note: there are underscores "_" in my email not spaces).

  2. Yes, old thread - however, just bumping it for some visibility again...

  3. Just seeing if anyone recognizes the car or knows of its current owner/whereabouts...

    Thanks fellow Stangers!!
  4. Hey look in craigslist central jersey i thought i saw that car under parts sorry i don't have a link.t under
    mustang rims - $750 (North Brunswick)