Has anyone tried Spintech side exhaust kit?

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  1. I'm hopin somebody can give me feedback on it, how it sounds, how it was to install (considering it says it fits mustangs 67-01), etc. A video clip or picture would be awesome.
  2. The kits I have seen, looks like the exhaust travels up the side of the car easier. I'd be concerned about c02. Just FYI.
  3. CO2 wouldn't worry me, but CO would.. I had to :D
  4. wanna buy a borla side kit :D LOL
  5. Here at local dealer carries them and they don't recommend them for some odd reason. They said seam at the weld blows out or something.

    they said insist on flowmaster exhaust and mufflers. they said they have the best warranty.

    But they are "old school" too. BUT they do own and race their cars...I personally have magnaflow and they said they too have a problems since the inner packing of the mufflers are so thin and they do blow out too.

    they said borla is great exhaust tho. But it is too much money they said...

    Just my thought:nice:
  6. Isnt there some videos on their site? Also, youtube is your friend :nice: I have heard a few stangs on there with spintechs side exhaust.

    I used to have a video of a stang with an offroad H and the side exhaust, sounded GREAT! All side exhaust kits will put CO closer to u, thats the nature of the beast. Thats not spintech specific.

    And on the seams of spintech, i had spintech sportsmans in 3" before, they were a really well built muffler. Solid and heavy as hell....much more solid feeling than flows.

    The quality is good, just check out youtube if you think the sound is something you'd like. I know i did.
  7. my bro had them on his 96 cobra for years. they sounded and looked good IMO. never any problems.
  8. All the videos on youtube about it seem to be v-6 mustangs for some reason lol but thanks for the replies... how much for the borla, inphiniti?
  9. check pms, dont wanna turn this into a sale thread LOL
  10. What's going on, chemistry getting popular? All this time i did not know CO was really for CM. :shrug: You guys learned me! :owned:

    Yea on the side exhausts I always thought they were cool.
  11. me too especially since 94-98's didn't have any sort of cutouts for tips
  12. I love my side exhaust. Only reason I'm getting rid of it is due to me having a custom side exit stinger made. The look is incredible, especially when you get lookers @ the car its the first thing they usually point out!
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  13. dunno about the side exhaust kit but i have spintech pro streets on my car and absolutely love them.
  14. Yea didn't you have a sound clip posted up? and i believe you have them dumped? i could be totally wrong.
  15. [​IMG][/url][/IMG]

    Thats not a picture of my car but thats what i copied when i made my side exit exhaust all u need is thoes two magnaflow mufflers which cost 60 bucks each
  16. yea that definitely seems simpler, so whats the point of having the muffler go in and out anyway instead of just doing a 90 degree bend?
  17. yeah i have a sound clip of my car with an x pipe and no its not dumped
  18. i have the prostreet spintech mufflers!! there the ****

    i have videos if u want me to put some up