Has Anyone Used Lost-car-registry?

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  1. Hey guys was wondering if anyone here has used lost-car-registry.com before to get back an old car they used to have? I am trying hard to find my old 1989 lx hatchback. It is very special to me, the dumbest thing i have ever done was sell it. But was really hard up for money and it was the only thing i had worth anything. I am in a much better place and want to find it and buy it back. And keep it forever. If anyone has used it or another method and has any tips for me. I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance
  2. I have some advice, you can try looking for "your" car, but when you find it your going to be in the worst position ever. That is wanting something, someone doesn't have for sale.
    Unless your 89 was a super low mile 100% stock vehicle I would just find another one that is nice, or built up already to save you cash. makes no sense to pay crazy money for a car they made millions of
  3. Yep,

    After many years, it simply isn't going to be the car you remember.
  4. I have one now, just want that one too
  5. Plan is to give my son the 92 i have now, and find and buy the 89 back for myself