Hatch supports install Q.

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  1. One of my supports lost it's compression and it in need of replacement. I found them fairly cheap on Latemodel Restoration, however what's the install process for a hatch support, what tools, time, & amount of booze involved?

    Thank you.
  2. 1 beer and a small flat head screw driver.....if you look they are pretty self explainitory
  3. :Word:

    Subtrack beer, add pint of Captain. :D
  4. 5 min and your done.....as easy as changing wiper blades......just remember to have a stick to support the hatch
  5. Note to self: Remember stick.

    Thanks :nice:
  6. or you can use your head....but if you have a hard time with the shock and it takes a while your head gets sore lol
  7. That's what a woman is for...... head.
  8. I don't get it......The joke that is

  9. Speaking of head, my girl is home. Laterz
  10. I just got a set from Autozone for $20 each. Like said above, if the install takes more than 5 min your doing something wrong.