Hatch vs. Notch

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  1. What's the difference? I see people talking about notchbacks and others talking about hatchbacks, how do you tell which is which?
  2. A hatchback is a......hatchback.

    A notchback is a coupe, and has a trunk.
  3. ok, i've never heard a coupe called a notchback before... thanks for clarifying
  4. I don't think they're called "notchbacks" anywhere except in the Fox Mustang world.

    I don't even know where that term came from to be honest.
  5. cuz instead of the straightish looking hatch... the body slants down, thus creating a "notch" in the "hatch" look? :shrug:
  6. Its always fun saying notchback to a non-mustang person. They have no clue what one is. :nice:
  7. Both are sweet, i would love to find a 4 cylinder version of either one near me.
  8. Not far from my apartment there is a 2.3L auto notch sitting beside a repair shop and has been there for months...wondering if they'd sell it cheap because I'm tempted to get it!
  9. I love my notch! :D
  10. nachos :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: oh wait notch's! still :drool:
  11. I think the official label is a 2 door sedan isn't it? I'm pretty sure that's what my insurance labels it as.
  12. You sure it's not 2 door coupe?

    That's what it should be, my Tempo and Thunderbird are both listed like that.

    A "sedan" is generally a four door.
  13. That's what I was told when I asked. :nice:

    haha +1

    It says two door sedan on my title.

  14. I know...screwy huh?

    Mine too. Sedan is a 4 door in my book but apparently Ford thought otherwise.
  15. "2-Door Sedan"


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  16. :D Just get a vert...no confusion there
  17. notch, ftw. looking @ getting one for my 2.3t & get a c4... i'd love it if i could find a TTop car, though, maybe a .vert if i'm REALLY feel the need for one.