Have 12-13k to spend...what can I do?

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  1. Hey Guys, I have about 12-13,000 to spend on a 94-95 5.0..

    Id like to buy a stripped car ( basically cloth interior, ****ty rims.. etc ) and put

    2 racing seats, 17 inch Torque Thrust IIs all around, and the modify the engine..

    What can I do safely to the car to get the most performance? Im thinking intake + blower, but I don't know jack about the 5.0s, as Im a 4.6 guy who is moving into the 5.0 territory.

  2. For that kind of cash you can do about whatever you want. In my area you can get a very clean 94 or 5 for 4-6k, which would leave you with over 5k to play with. The 94-5s I have owned seem to respond well to airflow improvements i.e. filter, m/a, exhaust. AODEs suck IMO, but if you get one a torque converter makes a LOT of difference. And of course like all stangs, ditch the 2.73s for some 3.55s or 3.73s.

    You have plenty of cash to work with, get a car and figure out just what you want it to do...break out the credit card. :)
  4. What kind of horsepower is your target? Will this be primarily a track car or daily driver? And if it's going to be a track car, will it be drag strip or open track?

    If you're looking for ~300 rwhp (350 at the crank), I would put together a good H/C/I combo instead of a blower. If you want significantly more than 300 rwhp, I would at least get swap out the E7TE heads for something a little better (i.e. GT40), and then slap on a blower or turbo.

    For reliability, I think N/A will be the better choice. You are less susceptible to tuning problems or bad gas blowing something up. For an open track car I'd definitely go N/A. For a drag car, the blower might be the best option.

  5. There is a guy on this site that got over 500 hp and TQ out of a stock cobra motor + a turbo kit. That would be a good way to go GT-40 heads A cobra intake extrude hone both and have a blast with a lot of cash left over
  6. If it were me I would use it as a down-payment on a new Cobra.
  7. 331/347 stroker
    AFR 185s
    comp 282 cam
    intake of your choice (not a ford)
    NX wet kit if you wanna go that fast
    chip or tweecer
    Long tubes/ exhaust
    315 nittos
    3.73 gears
  8. allow me to add...

    I currently OWN an 03 Cobra with all the bolt ons..

    Im going to a 94-95 5.0 because.. well.. Im broke and going to school. The Cobra cannot be paid off any more.. school takes over in priorities...

    Im considering this ( based on my limited 5.0 knowledge )

    buying a used black 5.0 vert.. light bar, New leather seats from a new mustang, Torque Thrust IIs 17x8 front, 17x10.5 back..

    lower it, put a new sound system in it just for sound quality.. say $500 or so on that..

    Then, from there.. engine work..

    new heads ( I'll research what the best ones are ), blower cams, Kenne Bell 9 psi intercooled Blower, 3.73 gears, longtubes, o/r x pipe, magnaflow catback, T3550 Transmission...

    I figure that'll be around $13,000 all said and done.. and it will be quite the strong running car.. while looking great.

    Anything wrong with this idea?
  9. eys... your buying a vert ;)

    get a hard top
  10. Ive had hardtops my entire life.. Id like to have a little fun in my car from now on, ya know? Vert seems to be great for those days where racing doesnt matter whatsoever..

  11. How about brakes? A 13" Cobra setup, with everything needed to convert, can be had for ~$500. You can get lots of bling-bling options too. Check it out here.


    Stopping is gooood.

    As for heads, the AFR 165's are nice for the street, IMHO.

  12. As far as Heads the two answer you will get are AFR and Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads. AFR seems to be really popular but I only know one person that has them on there car and his dyno #'s were not that impressive, he may have had tunning Issues. Ive had 3 other friends that put on Twisted wedge heads and saw alot better dyno #s. Plus TW heads are cheaper then AFR.
  13. Only that you can't get an intercooled Kenne Bell blower for a 302. Water injection is your only option for cooling the intake charge.

  14. Hey Ryan, I have a Buddy in Houston with a 1994 GT Vert, it is Black with a Black Top and has Black leather. It has over 100k, but with the mods you plan on I suggest a new motor anyway, he is leting it go for 6-7k I beleive, the car just had fresh black paint on it and looks nice. Let me know.
  15. Make: FORD
    Model: MUSTANG
    Year: 1997
    Price: $10,900.00

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    put a blower on it you have between 400-450 rwhp, close to a 03 cobra stock just an idea vs spending 5-6000 on a 95, get a blower, h/c/i and have around the same hp. I know that money is an issue, it is with all of us, but if you put a little into the cobra it will benefit you a lot later especially with all of the aftermarket support coming out for them. The 94-95 with the stock engine tops at about 500hp, where as the cobra can go to about 550-600hp. You can get better pistons, bore it out, get a stage x port job, etc for both engines. The only thing that I haven't seen was a stroker kit for the 4.6
    Good luck in what ever you do.
  16. hes lookin for a 5.0 :nice:
  17. I don't know if that was a missprint or what, but you said "cams". Just to make sure you know, if its a 5.0 it only has 1 cam... <-- much cheaper that way...