Have any 05s made their way through Canada yet?

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  1. Has Detroit driven any of their mules through the Great White North?
  2. Apparently either chip or dale was at Mosport (one of the original prototypes)
    I haven't seen any mules on the road, and drive the QEW everyday.

    the 05 wasn't in Oakville for the Pony drive.
    The only time its been here was the TO autoshow where I saw the 05 GT WBlue auto.
  3. I was on the phone with a dude from Percival in Regina yesterday....IIRC, he said they had a few on Calgary. I don't know if they are staying there or if they were just there for this meeting thing they were having. He said that the 05's are set to arrive in Regina around the beginning of October. :nice:
  4. *Marks calender for October 1st*
  5. i was hoping grand prix weekend here in montreal woulda brought either an 05 stang or a ford gt. there is certainly a vast increase in the number of stangs doing burn outs in very crowded streets at all hours, but none of them are what i wanna see.
    Not that ford's really in the f1, but they've got a whole street right in the middle of downtown filled with jaguars, they coulda slipped in a stang off to the side, woulda gotten quite a lot of publicity.
    I'm a little disappointed i must say
  6. the greater totonto mustang club is hosting it's annual bbq at Ford plant in Oakville tomorrow (sunday) . I'm going to pop my head in for a bit and hope someone in the club pulled strings and got a 2005 up for it. For anyone interested it runs from 11 a.m - 330 pm.
    If the car is there I'll post my picks.