Have foxbody mustang parts for sale

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by clifflana, Jun 13, 2011.

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  1. Have a lot of foxbody mustang parts for sale interior pieces seats exterior pieces motor parts all different prices call text or email me 678-600-1818 douglasville ga

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  2. text sent,,hope its not to late
  3. Hard to tell by that pic, but do you have two black seats in the background? I have Regatta Blue now, but will be switching some stuff black and keeping some blue, so thinking about black seats, I'm deleting the back seat. Let me know and what kind of condition.
  4. sorry i sold the black interior saturday
  5. did you get a chance to look for that wiper arm assembly
  6. Stock automatic shifter handle?
  7. do you want just the t handle or the whole shifter
  8. Just the t-handle
  9. I'll take 20 bucks for it
  10. sorry i have looked and looked and can't find an arm assembly
  11. Thanks I will pass, I found a new one for 28.00
  12. Door panels

    Do you still carry the door panels?
  13. i am looking for a front light harness for a 1986 mustang
  14. Need Rh tailight lense for 86!!
  15. GT body moldings?
  16. Have a passenger door?
  17. I need the interior panel that goes on the hatch. Do you have that? 22193
  18. do u have drive window motor looking for it also need back window motors for the convertible style fox's
  19. Do you have manual doors?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.