Have You Ever Seen A 69 Fast Back ,vinyl Top?

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  1. while digging through my golden mustang artifacts...errr junk. i came across the trim from a 1969 mach 1 fast back i parted out years ago. this one is for the full top ,they also made a short top that only came half way up the roof :ack: it was not very pretty. the full top on the right color i think would look good . i think they started doing this in 67 ,i parted out a 67 fast back years ago but didnt save the trim. i know they did it up to 73 because a friend had a 73 with the vinyl top. so if any one ever tells you they did not make a fast back with a vinyl top ,here is the proof.
    the car this one came from was candy apple red with a black top, it was a mach 1 . when i was cutting it apart on the front of the roof under the vinyl it said in black ,return to dealership for repairs. the front of the roof had a crease from one side to the other and i think it was done on the car carrier and the fastest fix was a vinly top. the crease was filled with somthing like seam sealer ,not bondo as it was rubbery and just squeegeed smooth but you could not see it under the vinyl top. IMG_3155.JPG IMG_3156.JPG IMG_3157.JPG
  2. I've seen em, but no way of knowing if it was factory or not. I would assume so, who adds a vinyl top? :rolleyes:
  3. Iirc it was a popular dealer option but not a factory option...
  4. I have and in the right color combination they look great.
    Im sure its a matter of taste but I like red with a black top.
    I think what turns a lot of people off to vinyl is seeing what happens when they get old.
  5. i think a new black top on acapulco blue would look good.

    a friend has a 69 right now that has never been repainted . it had the vinyl top .the top has been peeled off and under its top is factory brown primer no paint with the out line of the top clearly visable from the paint line . it was the same top i have it is a california car just like mine was. i am not saying they were factory ,they may have very well been dealer installed .the fact is that you could purchase a fast back with a vinyl top. but i have to wonder about my friends car because the roof was never painted
  6. I think they wouldnt have the rust problems as bad if they would have painted instead of Just primer, It seems that the factory would have had to have made the trim
    Im putting the vinyl top crome trim on my 68 coupe as a accent trim, no vinyl . I filled the void in the back of the trim and applied 3m tape plus the 3 studs. 3m to keep the water from getting behind it.

    Are you thinking about using that on a fastback?
  7. not thinking of using it just thought it may be interesting to see. the trim is very well made and heavy and you can tell it is not some over the counter thing.it fits the body very well so i know it was made specifially for a 69 fast back. i would like to see a fresh car with it on just to see how it looks. i realy think a blue car with a black top would look good
  8. Here is a picture I found of a coupe that is almost blue with black top and the top makes the car.To meNice combination.
    By the way I was playing with photoshop on the rear bumper.

  9. yeah, i had a black 66 GT coupe it looked to plain ,the top made the car
  10. I found one thats been in storage over 20 years ...was part of this guys collection and was taken car of by his maintenance crew...taken out every few months for a few miles and serviced (with records) gut passed 8 years ago and its the last of the collection the daughter has (from like 13) it has 15k original miles ..numbers matching..289 auto..tilt......thoughts? ..thanks Brett

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  11. i have seen a 67 FB with that very same top.the car was candy apple red ,the top was black.
  12. Is it still a marketable car?
  13. very . just remove the top unless you happen to like it
  14. Well, I guess you were not into cars in the 60's and 70's. The moulding the OP shows is a common generic that was moulded to the correct shape by the installer. There were shops all over offering vinyl top conversion. Half and full vinyl tops were added onto virtually every car you can imagine, and some I'll bet you can't. I remember seeing new 69-70 mach1's with full vinyl tops. In fact, they were so popular Ford offered a half top on the sportsroof and mach1.

  15. definitely not molded by the installer, you could not make a bend like these without kinking the trim .this trim is specifically made for a 69 mustang fast back. and i was here before the 69s rolled out. i would like to see some one bend all these trims by hand and make them all the same as these are
  16. ok ,the problem that have with it being formed by the installer is
    1- it is a hollow channel ,it would kink when bent by hand .i know i have tried to make missing trim before.
    2- it is anodized .if you bend anodized aluminum the anodizing crackles ,these are not. so that means it was made before anodizing.
    3- it is form fit to a 69 mustang fast back so it had to be made specifically for a fast back mustang.
    4 -i not only have access to one set of moldings but two ,that are identical.
    i would really like to see some on make two sets of molding ,formed by hand ,with out at least kinking it and have them all match perfectly. and i found another one on the internet.
    5 - when i was in high school ,a freshman .my friends older brother bought a brand new 73 Mach 1, directly off the lot from the ford dealership in Porterville. it had the very same top as on the gold car pictured above but his was light blue. so it had to be at least a dealer option. _MG_3993.JPG _MG_3994.JPG _MG_3996.JPG