Have you guys seen this?

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  1. Ha some of you guys are quite ridiculous. I really dont care a bit what the heck the guy does with his car. Shoot after reading some of you guys' posts I can only assume you slit your wrists and beat yourself with a brick when watching Fast and the furious 3 when they put that turbo motor in that old school mustang. Some of you are acting like he did this to his car:


    With all that said, proceed. :D :popcorn:
  2. I've still got the scars!!! :nonono:
  3. Putting an SBC in an old Ford is actually a very true to times mod. When people started hot rodding those T-bucket Fords in the 50s, back when hot rodding really began, it was common practice to put an SBC in the car. Back in the 50s, Chevrolet had introduced an overhead valve engine which was far superior to the Ford flathead of the time. So almost any hot rod Ford would have had a Chevy engine in it.

  4. Oh yeah...I get it. I'm not saying it’s not common practice, but I still find myself paying more attention to an old T-Bucket running around with an all Ford Drive train that I do the ones running around with the same old 350-small block, or Rat engine under its bonnet.

    ...and we know an old Ford Rod still housing an original flat head V8 would be worth considerably more money than those with a bowtie swap. :)
  5. +1

  6. If we were worried about the value of our cars then they would be stock. They'd also be parked in a garage year round.:shrug:

    I build for my enjoyment today....not in hopes of getting a paycheck one day. I'd say you'd have to spend more for a 351 stroke'd/Viper motor swapped/LSx'd 94-5 mustang than a bone stock 302 94-95 right now.
  7. LMAO at calling a 510 CI twin turbo all aluminum 900 HP V10 an "overrated MOPAR boat anchor."

    Nobody has yet to post up how much this engine weighs compared to an all aluminum 351 SBF stroker. I would be interested to see that. Anybody? Beuller?

    Or people thinking that a DART 351 stroker twin turbo would "drop right in." Clearly only a few of you have even seen, never mind been involved in, a 351 stroker swap.

  8. Man….some of you guys just can’t let this one go…. :rlaugh:
    900hp with both turbo's cramming air down its gullet perhaps, but that masive 510ci, 8.4L V10 is only rated at 450hp/490lbs ft at the flywheel. A figure that is easily repeatable with a stroked 351W and easily increasable with a similar twin turbo swap.

    ...so yes, considering its added displacement and 2 extra cylinders and its actual rated N/A power output, than engine is waaaaay overrated!

    ...especially when you consider a big block 460 will easily eclipse 600hp with very little work and two less cylinders.
    Approx 650lbs according to internet sources. That's approx 125lbs heavier than an iron block/iron headed 351W. Remove another 100lbs from that figure for an Aluminum block/heads 351W. Are we going to pretend that that's not a significant difference? ;)

    Hell, the previously aforementioned 460 big block with a set of aluminum heads is still approx 40lbs lighter than that.

    so...a total of approx 175-150lbs weight savings with an iron block/aluminum headed 351W and a whopping 200-225lb weight savings with an aluminum block/aluminum head 351W!

    .....all the horsepower potential, a ton of weight savings and none of the fitment issues.

    How's that....Beuller!?! :shrug:

    Oil pan, mounts, exhaust...done! There are the basics. Not so tough, is it?

    As for the turbo....well, that's going to be a plumbing nightmare no matter which engine configuration you go with, but is there any question you'll end up with a lot more open real estate to work with under the hood with the 351W in there, than the Viper mill!
  9. You being one of them :popcorn:
  10. My points have been made, but you guys still seem intent on needling away at the details, challenging the facts and pointing it in my direction for the answers. How is that me not letting it go? I'm simply answering questions. :shrug:
  11. Well then I guess we better compare the gama ratio of the multi quadrant on both a Viper motor and a 351 based motor and see what we come up with.
  12. Interesting. Again, I think you guys are great but some of your logic is a bit off? :scratch:

    Mindset #1 Putting STRICTLY Ford in a Ford = bad idea! :notnice:

    Mindset #2 Putting chevy in a Ford = bad idea! :notnice:

    Which concept is close minded? Oh, that's right, one that does not agree with YOUR viewpoint. :rlaugh:

    Moral: One that does not believe in brand loyalty is just as close- minded as one that does. Why? Because this, unlike gravity is a debatable preference.
  13. The black and white facts aside, I don't think I ever stated my opinion on the subject was anything other than personal? He did it to be different, which he accomplished. Did he do it better….not when you consider all of the existing facts pointed out above? But again…he did it to be different, not better. In any case, it’s got nothing to do on my end with being closed minded, or not appreciating someone’s hard work, I just simply don't like the idea of someone bastardizing their Ford, with a foreign engine....it’s as simple as that. :shrug:
  14. Holy crap guys, its not your car. Go read another thread and cool off.
  15. I looked around for some Viper stuff because it got me interested. The fastest Vipers I could find made about 1900rwhp, and run about mid to high 7s in the quarter. There are small block Mustangs (even 302 block mustangs) running low 7s all the way down to mid 6s.

  16. I'm sorry....is my demeanor coming off as anything other than calm, cool, or level headed? :scratch:

    Word to the wise....don't post something on the internet if you're not prepared to field the potential blowback. That includes the negative as well as the positive. :)
  17. And certainly don't go reading wikipedia, a free internet encyclopedia that can be edited by anyone with an email address and 2 minutes free time, and then spout it off on message boards as "internet sources" and expect other posters, who are also knowledgable with the interwebs, to be impressed.

    According to internet resources, my dong weighs approximately 14 pounds.