Haven't Been Too Active Lately, But I'm Checking Out

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Maxpowers, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. I haven't had much time to upgrade the car in the past year due to buying a house. Haven't even been on the internet much to be honest. Actually only put 1k miles on the car last year. Needed a truck to help fix up the house, so the stang had to go. Sad, sad day.

    Just wanted to make a post saying thank you to those who helped me over the past few years. I'll get another one eventually, but probably a S197.

    View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc4awi-4J5c
  2. D1SC?!?! Damn I missed some :poo:. Brb. Looking at post history for dyno.
  3. :poo: got real around here for Nightfire!
  4. Damn straight, decided to stop dicking around and get :poo: dunn
  5. Awesome man. Nice shoes too btw
  6. Thanks bro. Sorry to see you leave the stang community. Any bets on how long until the withdrawals set in?
  7. I'm still parking my car, bike, and lawn mower on one side of the garage...the other side is wide open. I'm still in denial. Haha
  8. My car is still under the knife (getting it back next week). I sent it in in mid February, and I cant even begin to tell you the withdrawal I've been experiencing. I miss the car so much that it makes me depressed. I cant imagine losing it forever.
  9. I've never left here. Shoot, I grew up with 2v's and owned 3 of them.

    That car is beautiful, love the blue. You will be back, whether in a new stang or other performance car. I give it 8-10 months.
  10. Haha, I go through depression when I have to drive the Civic for a few days in a row.
  11. I still have the bike to play with. My brother's car runs mid 11's and we are dead even racing. Should help the withdraw.
  12. :(:(:(:(Im knowing that feeling all to well!!!
  13. Damn that's ooooooldschool
  14. I drove a 74 F100 in high school. Same color.
  15. Nice!

    I have/had (RIP) an uncle with a green '74 F100. Built 460, H/C/I (can't remember all the specifics), fully built C4, some suspension work, and a BIG shot of nitrous. Ran mid 7s back in the late 80s/early 90s, which was really really fast for that time and a heavy truck like that.

    My grandfather (uncle's father) bought the truck new in '74, always took real good care of it. It still has the 100% original paint on it, and is in really good shape. These are the only pictures I have on the computer at the moment (sorry for the low quality / lack of decent backdrop). Somewhere, I think my aunt has a few videos of it at the track back circa early 90s. That'd be cool to find and post up.



    OP, nice looking project! Any plans to have a little fun with it?
  16. Mid 7's...Hi chee wawa.
  17. 1/8 mile obviously...haha. As I said, pretty slow considering today's standards, but moving along for 25 years ago.