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  1. Unless you have a 4x4, they aren't that heavy. Ford used thin metal for the most of the truck. That's why all of them are rotted to hell. I'd bet mine weighs in around 4k. A short bed is probably in the high 3k range.

    This is my 3rd one. My first vehicle was a '78 F100 with a 300 / 6. Beat to hell, but wouldn't stop running. I then got a '79 F150 with a 351M, 4x4. The third was my dad's, a '71 F100 with a 390.

    Right now, I plan to swap the 302 for a 460 with a 4sp. Throw on some nice rims and tires, and just have a decent driver. This thing only has 77k original miles. It's the bottom end model, without much of the chrome. Most of that's laying around here though.

    Some pics of my old ones, just 'cause:
    This the red one after it was painted:
    The only picture I could find of my dad's:
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