haven't posted for awhile, new toy

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  1. Here's my new baby, 03' custom black R1

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  2. :drool: That looks killer :nice:
  3. Nice knowin ya...Nah jk that's way sweet I wish I had one.
  4. beautiful bike... I will have one one of these days :drool:
  5. nice bike only one i got in my garage is a 2003 Yamaha Roadstar (nothing but black and chrome!)
  6. That works for me....Wanted one this year, but Wifey wanted a new kitchen... :bang: Have to push that out til next yr...
    Never driven an R1....Im sure it screws... :nice:
  7. My God thats HAWT!!!!!!! :drool: :drool:
  8. i want a bike so freakin bad you dont even know
  9. Holycrap an R1 and from what I see its modified. Does it really need to be faster, lol.

    Btw, how many CCs.
  10. 999?
  11. 2003 yamaha R1, semi modified. Supposedly 155 horse to the rear wheel. Yeah, I'm scared. It's getting delivered tommorrow (tues.) I cant' wait. I had a CBR 600 double R so It's not my first bike, still scares the chit outta me though. 155 horse on 345 lbs. how can you beat that power to weight ratio.
  12. damn i was close
  13. anyone in mass. have a bike? I'm looking for some people to ride with.