Having issues with my 97 cobra mustang. Tried to put a tune on it with a diablo sport in-tuner.


New Member
Jul 8, 2019
Clarksville, TN
I have a 97 cobra mustang that I tried to put a tune on with a diablo sport in tuner. Since then it’s been acting funky. The cars acceleration is hesitant and cuts in and out, like spits and sputters. It’s not throwing a code, and I tried to put it back to factory setting but on the in-tuner it says there is no factory reset. The car won’t run a diagnostic test and won’t take any other tunes. I took it to ford and they recommended a new intake manifold gasket and some other odd and ends. The car also idols low and sometimes will idol so low it turns off. I thinks I might need a new PCM but don’t want to spend $300 if I that’s not the issue. Any suggestions?
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