Having Problems Getting Parts From Ford?

Have you had problems getting parts from Ford?

  • No, I always get parts from Ford very quickly. No backorders ever.

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Jul 27, 2016
2015 Mustang GT. Had about a year with less than 6K miles. Just had my first maintenance.
The AC quit working so I took it to AutoNations Ford in Frisco, Tx. and the following is what happened:

1. AutoNations Frisco said the Evaporator Core was bad (Really? On a brand new car? It must have been defective!) They placed an order for it but it was on back-order.

2. After a week or so with no set ship date I called Ford Corporate Customer Care and complained and they eventually found and sent a part to Dealer (AutoNations Frisco).

3. Ford Corporate said the part was received but AutoNations Frisco said they never received it. I complained to Ford Corporate that day, and miraculously AutoNations Frisco found the part the next day. Scheduled my car for a few days later to have the evaporator core put in. Four weeks had gone by at this point.

4. The new evaporator core was put in but now the motor controller for the vent system was broke (It wasn't broke when I brought it in, but things happen, I get it.) . An order was placed for that part and at least it wasn't on back-order. Week later and they still don't have the part and I have no car. I might add that getting information from AutoNations Frisco is like pulling teeth! No one returns calls and I have to go down there physically every 3-4 days to find anything out. Ridiculous!

To surmise, I drove around for a month in 100F heat waiting for a back-ordered evaporator core. The dealer has had my car apart for a week and half trying to fix it and we are waiting on another part. So basically I have not had a usable car for most of the summer.

Is this typical for everyone here? Is everybody having problems getting parts? Maybe it's just problems getting parts for the AC system?

The second evaporator core was also bad. Now waiting on a third evaporator core assembly. I guess all the Mustangs probably have the same defective part, that's why it is on back-order. Yikes!
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