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  1. I cant seem to find out what my car is worth. KBB.com doesnt list the 35th anny model when choosing model's, so it only show's it as a regular GT. I dunno how much it will differ, and I dont know how much a anny was, or how much more it was than a regular GT back in '99. Can anyone tell me what our cars are worth, or mine, and also, what the sticker price was for a GT and a Anny GT back then, i'm wondering how much more it was for a Anny. Thanks ALOT in advance, sincerely,

  2. The 35th Limited Editions are on www.NADA.com, its just like KBB but it has more vehicles on there, last i checked, high retail was $14,900 for them. The Limited edition was roughly $2,800 more than the regular GTs back in 1999 and i believe the sticker price was around $28,000 for the coupe and around $30,000 for the convertible, plus or minus.
  3. Actually, NADA does list the Limited Edition.... For 'verts, it shows $11,525 (low retail), $13,925 (avg retail), and $17,100 (high retail) and for coupes $10,200, $12,250, and $14,975....

    The sticker on my car was $24,965 base plus $230 for the Traction Control, $395 for the Mach 460, $15 for the "Smoker's Package", $550 for the Convenience Group, $2,695 for the Limited Edition Package, and $525 Destination & Delivery. Bottom line sticker = $29,375. The only option not included (I think) is the Engine Block Heater.
  4. I think most "Limiteds" in average shape should always bring at least $1500 more than the standard GT.
  5. When you guys say Limited Edition, or Limited Edition Package, do you mean 35th Anniversary Edition, or was there actually a special edition of the 35th anniversary ... lol. I'm curious, and maybe a little confused.
  6. There were over 126,000 1999 Mustangs built and all of them were called "35th Anniversary Mustangs." Of those 126,000 Mustangs, 4,628 were built with the Limited Edition Package, and those are the cars we call the "35th Anniversary Limited Editions."
  7. Absolute perfection. Thanks!! LOL That's what I thought, so, hrmm, it's pretty cool that we have one of these few, I guess I appreciate my car a little more.
    I'm very lucky I think my car has every single option that was available.
    Although, there's one thing I have no clue as to, what it is. What the hell is a engine block immersion heater?
  8. To make you appreciate your car even more, bear in mind that Performance Red was only available in the Limited Edition, and there were only 1,550 of them built. The other Limited Edition colors were not unique to the LE... There were 24,923 black, 18,907 white, and 15,959 silver cars built.
  9. Actually, ford had alot of the performance red paint left over after they made the 99s and even though they say performance red was only offered on the limiteds, they did use that color on later year V6s, and GTs, not very many of them though. My friend has a 2000 V6 that is performance red. Also all of the 2000 Cobra Rs are performance red.
  10. Not disputing that there are Performance Red Mustangs out there, just saying that in 1999, out of 126,067 mustangs built, only 1,550 were Performance Red ....

  11. 1,555 to be exact..:nice: But, Performance Red only looks right on the "Limited".
  12. 35th's

    If you car is a true 35th Anniversary (the extra package) it sold for roughly $4,500 more than the same car without the package.

    I have a true 35th hard top auto fully loaded and the sticker was just over $25,000. And a regular GT was right around $21,000.

    What they are really worth now compared to a normal 99 GT i don't know but if find out how to figure that out let me know.

    I just wish the put a production number displayed on the car somewhere like the Bullit.

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  13. Option 54Y: Limited Edition Package @ $2,695
  14. True, Ford wasn't thinking that far ahead at the time I'm afraid. I do however have a list of all 35th Anniversary "Limited Editions" according to VIN#. I can tell you what car your is of the 4628.
  15. production numbers and a ?

    can i ask how you got the production numbers.
    i called ford before about something on my car and they knew nothing. atleast that is how they came across

    my car came with the calipers painted black and every car 35th or not that i have seen so far has no had there calipers painted. Everyone i have seen was the basic metal. Ford had no idea why that was. Any idea???
  16. I was the moderator on Mustang35th until the forums went down. David the site owner gave me the list of "Limited" VIN#'s so I could help whoever needed theirs.
    As for you painted calipers, did you buy the car new? if not, someone probably painted them. But if you bought it new, it could just be a fluke from the factory. Pretty cool though, if they did.
  17. I bought the car right off the truck. Someone i knew saw it coming off the truck and i went that afternoon, bought it and drove it home. So they came from the factory painted.
  18. Maybe since its was an earlier one built, Ford may have switched suppliers some point afterwards....I know the guy who has #1 Limited, its a black vert. Now that I think about it, I think his calipers are black too. I'll have to check on that.
  19. Yea they probably just screwed up, mine came strait from the factory with a cobra steering wheel.