Having trouble with brake line to caliper bolts leaking

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by NewToFord, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. I put sn95 brakes on my fox with the fox stock length axles and north race car brackets. I got a set of 1994 rear caliper brake lines to bolt to the calipers. Not sure of the year of the caliper its between 94-97. However the single banjo bolt is very tight into the caliper but it still leaks on both sides. Any ideas how to stop the leaks? Can I put teflon tape around the bolts? The surfaces seem to mate fine, but it still leaks.
  2. You can't use tape or sealant... are you using the brass washers?
  3. You need to replace the crush washers everytime you unscrew the bolt. They are on both sides of the line.
  4. You need two new crush washers, but you need to get the right size. You need washers that are tight as possible around the banjo bolt. Also, on the caliper there is a small recess. The washer you use needs to fit in there and not sit up on the edge.

    Usually when you buy the assorted pack from auto zone, only two actually fit correctly. The other ones have leaked on me. I had to buy four packs to do my brakes and get it leak free