Hawaii locals - Big Island places to go?

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  1. The wife and I are taking a long-delayed honeymoon in November. We're going to be two days in Honolulu then five days at The Four Seasons in Kona. We're going to do the Pearl Harbor thing, Diamond Head and other touristy things in the city, but are there any "must see" things on The Big Island? We're planning on renting a Mustang convertible for a couple of days, so we'll be mobile. I'm looking for things that generally don't show up in the chamber of commerce handouts. Favorite restaurants, out of the way beaches, etc.

  2. Dont live there, but was there for awhile in march. Check out rainbow falls and boiling pots.. there's a small path down closer, but it's pretty steep and narrow. The best thing I would say is go on one of the day long bus tours, then go back to the things you want to see. The big island is pretty laid back, more rural than oahu etc.. the main airport only has 5 gates or so..

    If you can spring for it, the submarine trip on oahu is pretty cool too

    A couple pics from the big island, shrunk WAY down..

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  3. if you get a Big Island Visitor Guide in the airport, it will give you all the things to do on the Big Island. the "101 things to do" is also a good guide. Volcano National Park is a MUST. they have volcano winery a few miles from the park.Free tasting! Queen's bath on Puna side. Wiapio Valley. Hapuna Beach. Snorkeling up the way from disappearing sands beach. Visit Hilton Waikoloa, it's a great hotel to visit. Dolphin lagoon, petroglyphs nearby, boat that tours a canal thru the property. A monorail like tram also goes thru property. Big seawater lagoon. Dog the bounty hunter had his wedding there.
    They don't call it the Big Island for nuthin. it's huge. take a day hilo side. a day kona side. the last day everything else! And that's rushing to see everything
    The second picture posted above, is the lava flow hitting the water at Volcanoes National Park. You can actually hike down there. it's a good 1 1/2 hour hike from the parking, across lava rocks. First, I believe, is Rainbow Falls on Hilo side. If you rent a 4 wheel drive, you can drive down into Waipio Valley, instead of hiking or taking a tour of it.
  4. When you are on Oahu, check to see if Hertz has the GT-H available for rental.:D
  5. Already done. :D
  6. SUMOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Ken's House of Pancakes!!! BEST FOOD IN HILO!!! (Diner style)
  7. You were able to rent one?
  8. Lil late to chime in here but I also recommend the Volcano and the Black Sand Beach.
    I proposed to my wife in Kona back in 88. What memories. :)
  9. the waterfalls. Diamondhead is Oahu. If you go to Oahu go on H-3, and the Pali Hwy Overlook.