Hazard lights flashing before/after SJB replacement


New Member
May 31, 2020
Grand Rapids, MI
Hey everyone...I'm brand new here and have run into an issue with my 2010 V6 Mustang (automatic). Late last year my wife and I came home one night and the hazard lights on our Mustang were flashing and would not turn off. I disconnected he battery and when I reconnected, they eventually went off and stayed off for a couple months. A couple months later, same thing.... hazards wouldn't stop flashing, disconnected battery.... and so it goes...

I read on this forum about the Smart Junction Box issues that Mustangs have, so I replaced my battery and ordered a new SJB...just replaced it today and the hazards stayed off for a few minutes, but then came back on. Only now, my shifter won't go out of park. So I have the hazard issue and I cannot shift the Mustang out of park now. The shifter doesn't seem loose at all, the button just won't depress to let me shift.

So I am at a loss... not sure what is going on with the hazards randomly flashing on their own, and now I have no idea why I can't shift either. Any thoughts?
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