HDR Images: Learn and share your work...

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  1. Thanks for making this a sticky, perhaps we can get some awesome photos posted here!

    I've played around with HDR a little bit and think its awesome.. What has everyone else done with HDR?

    What is HDR? High Dynamic Range Imaging.

    Here is a link that DarkFire provided me with, it has a lot of good general information and links:






  2. Holy over-filter! Well, now you know what HDR is, just work on using it. The idea is not to make the most over-filtered picture you can. It's to bring out the details in the shadows without blowing out the highlights.

    Here's two groups I belong to. Take a look at some of their pictures and that'll help give you ideas.
  3. Hehe. was in the mist of posting the other ones.. yes way over filter, was having fun with the software, check out the other ones i posted..
  4. Ok those are much better. But you're right. Let's not take up anymore of Kool's thread. Moving this to an HDR thread.

    Edit - Done. I'll post up some of my work in a few.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Can't you get the same thing with a good camera, good photography, good lighting and Photoshop???
  7. You can replicate the end result if you shoot in RAW. LucisArt has a few effects that will help with replication. I still haven't mastered HDR, or even come close. There's still a lot to learn. If you see some of the pro's pictures, you'll soon see it'd be hard to replicate it with just one photo.

    Ok, so here's some of my HDR work. Some is more filtered than others. For the most part, I tend to use HDR to bring out the details of items in the shadows, and not to make surreal photos, though on occasion, I will. I use a wide range of techniques and programs, because each image reacts differently to the process. I take three exposures. -2,0,+2 and go from there. I use Photoshop for final editing. For the HDR conversion and tone-mapping, I use Artizen, Photomatix, and Dynamic-Photo HDR. For Photoshop effects, I mostly use Nik Color Efex Pro 2.0 and LucisArt occasionally.

    I apologize in advance for anyone on low bandwidth.. :D I'm going to make each image it's own post, to keep from having a 10 mile long page.