HDR Images: Learn and share your work...

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  1. Those are awesome, I need to upgrade my software!
  2. That one looks like a painting... and looks *really* cool. :D

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  3. Yeah, I love the almost animated ones!
  4. That is really ridiculously cool
  5. is that a photoshop filter?

    if so , is it a free filter?
    where can i get it?
    and what version of photoshop does it go with?
  6. Photomatix makes a plug-in for Photoshop, but I prefer the actual program itself. Photoshop isn't the greatest at lining up the exposures. I switch off bewteen Artizen and Dynamic-Photo HDR. Both of those are fairly inexpensive. Occaisionally I'll use Photomatix.
  7. One thing about all these programs is that they are relatively new, so they update constantly. I just checked and there's a new version of Dynamic-Photo HDR out. I've previously been using the trial version because it just leaves a small mark in the corner you can easily get rid of. But the full version of the newest release has some amazing features in it. As soon as I receive my serial number, I'll be posting up some examples to show the difference. The price is $40, and it appears to definitely be worth it. This one lines images up the best, and is the most user friendly, so I'll be endorsing this one from here on out. :nice:

    One more great option is single photo tone-mapping. You won't get HDR results, but you can mimic them pretty well. It's especially useful to have a RAW file for this. You'll get a lot better results from a RAW file. With this feature, you won't get the crazy surrealistic photos (without completely ruining the picture), but you will be able to bring out the shadows.
  8. Thos are all amazing. I totally dig the one with the Magnum and the old house/barn.
  9. If anyone can help me with HDR images of my car PLEEEASE let me know. My friend did this one but thats it..

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  10. Dark, was your "new old" Mustang ad HDR or just regular Photochop? I love that one!!!!!
    I just took my first set of -2 0 +2 exposure RAW file pics today and will see what I can do with regular Photoshop.

    I absolutely love the clarity and brightness of these two!!!!! Almost like seeing it with my own eyes.
  11. That is exactly the point of HDR.

    I got my registered version of DP-HDR, so I'll upload some samples soon here.

    Yes, my "new old" Mustang ad was an HDR originally. After all the post processing, you'd never know it, though. Next chance I get, I'm going to try an interesting HDR photo stitch. Stay tuned for that. Here's that "ad", again.
  12. Here is my first try at HDR with my car. I don't think I had a wide enough range of pictures to recieve the full affect though. Any pointners would be greatly appreciated.


    Also, do you get the change in light to dark just from changing F-stops or am I missing something? For some reason I am having trouble getting the proper EV Range...
  13. You want to change the shutter speed, not aperture. If you change the aperture, you change the photo, because that affects depth of field.

    I usually take the photos +2 and -2 for exposure. If you area changing the exposure manually, you should do 5 photos to get the best range.
  14. So here's my first result from the new version of Dynamic-Photo HDR. Loving it so far.

  15. Hey Towelly, is that accross from the bus depot in Davenport? Interesting photo spot.

    Here's another with the new version of DPHDR. I used Eye-Catching with curves and mysterious light. Added a light vignette in photoshop.
  16. That really doesnt look like HDR to me. I dont know much at all about it but I always thought it was supposed to look almost fake.
  17. That's how a lot of people use it. The real use of HDR is to bring out the shadows. If I wasn't using HDR, you wouldn't be able to see the details of my grill and tire tread. A lot of people over filter and make them look surreal. It just depends on your style. I go for realistic. Being a photography buff, I find it hard to make my images grainy and overfiltered.
  18. I need to get that DP HDR.. Looks nice!