Head Gasket Surprise....mmmm

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  1. So I'm taking this weekend to change the gaskets on my head and all, but come to find out, the guy whos helping me and letting me use his garage area, also has a grinder....so i thought, hmmmm, grinder, porting, maybe. So last night I went over there, and talked with him about it, And hes going to let me use his junked Toyota Corrola head to practice on, and then if I'm up to it, I'm gonna do mine :-D I've been researching all the articles on how to do it and I'm feeling confident, but if it happens, I'll have pics no doubt.
  2. You'll need to put in at least 20 solid hours of serious work before you'l see any difference.
  3. i did mine over 3 days, 1 day for intake, 1 day for exhuast, and 1 day for cleaning up both/polishing and partialy cleaning up the combustion chamber. Porting is an awsome "cheap" (money wise, not time wise) performance improvement, but since it will be your first time....look at alot of pictures on porting, with no exspericne you may find water jackets (which are VERY abundant) if you go to far! Not trying to discourage you , just things to watch out for, you dont want to ruin your head! Good luck, hopefully ill be able to post some pics of my ....interesting, porting job ;o)
  4. Well, like I said, in this post and over another, the guy is letting me keep my car there as long as needed, and yeah, I've found some good sites, and I have a practice head to try out. If I don't feel confident enough Im not even going to touch mine. Akuna Matada.