Engine Head Gasket Swap... Questions Within

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  1. Too late :(
  2. Impact gun worked great with psi cranked up to 160 :cool::D
  3. thats great!! ive heard that super high torque on the heads is good for 75 hp and 80 tq Lol
  4. that is one dumbass!!
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  5. Wait.....so you guys are saying that's NOT the right way to do an engine flush? :shrug:
  6. That dude was that clueless and was a forum member :disgusted
  7. if you add baby shampoo its fine
  8. Do you guys put the lower intake gaskets on dry or apply rtv around the water ports?
  9. Me personally I always put a "smeared with my finger" amount of RTV around the intake and head sides of the intake gasket. Only exception would be NEW heads and NEW intake. And I'd still consider it. I run a circle around the head port, down and make the end seal out of goo, and up and around the other side head port as well. Put the gasket on and put the intake down slowly. Just me and my technique. 20yrs at a dealer and never gave me an issue.
  10. Intake goop.jpg Kinda like this. NO orange.
  11. Again, you will get different opinions on that. I've always taken a small amount of RTV and put it around the water jackets. Some builders say put them on dry. IF nothing else it helps the intake gasket from slipping. I also put a glob in each corner of the end rails where the rubber end pieces go..
  12. Looks like a little more than a smear to me :confused:
  13. gueas i'll call arp to see what they say for torquing the studs. my engine guy says 75# on all but found out he's more of a chebby guy. All the dirt track cars he builds are bow ties
  14. Heads back on. Called arp, they said yo stick to 80 pounds in 3 increments. Done. Hope to find time to button up the rest today or tomorrow
  15. Put your beer down and get back to work ;)
  16. That video posted shows 1 full turn on the poly lock after zero lash. I thought it was more like 1/2 turn?
  17. uploadfromtaptalk1398821090298.jpg

    Making some progress

  18. What, you want me to quit my day job? :eek: