Engine Head Gasket Swap... Questions Within

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  1. told ya so , ya newb :D

    Glad you called and confirmed anyway. Didn't want you hunting me down 10 years from now when the head lifts..lol
  2. Depends on if you have anti pump up hi rev lifters or not and if you are street or strip. Some engine builders say only 1/2 as you don't want to have the lifter plunger depressed that much as it takes longer to pump back up. I'd say 1/2 to 3/4 turn and your good for a street motor. . Again, what do the instructions on the rockers say. I think in that video they were not poly lock rockers.
  3. Dont know what lifters they is, i assume stock replacements. Harland Sharp says 1/2 turn after zero lash, thats what I did. Hope she dont sound like a sewing machine
  4. Wasn't my pic lol. I use a smear around the ports. But I wanted you to get the idea.
  5. Its alive! I'll have to tear off the ipper intake again soon to replace the fuel rails, as i noticed a pretty good kink in mine and surely dont want to risk going lean from it. I also busted a v band at the y pipe so will need toborder new one today. Running open dp at the moment.

    It fired right up, i first held the pedal to the floor and let it crank for a few seconds to prime everything up. I remembered that I wanted to lower my idle speed a bit as I never got around to it. It was idling around 900 or so. At idle, the turbo was giving off a supercharger like whistle. After I dropped the idle down to about 700, it now is quiet as can be. What would cause that?

    900 rpm, it was actually alot more pronounced than what the video shows

    View: https://youtu.be/gkalx7BLjMA

    700 rpm

    View: https://youtu.be/_BKi9-ffCnU
  6. Looks great!!!
  7. All turbos are going to have different levels of resonant frequencies. You may have been at a point at 900 RPM where the turbo wants to make noise. I'm sure if you rev it from 700rpm, you will hear that whistle as you go past 900rpm and then again at whatever the next resonant frequency is.
  8. Not sure, but damn that intake looks like it was a lot of work?
  9. intake wasnt actually all that bad. Lil bit of aircraft stripper to remove the powder coat, then a few hours of tedious sanding and a bit of rouge
  10. Any eyeliner or mascara ?
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  11. stil waiting on the replacement fuel pressure gauge. Had to carefully bend the fox hard lines to mate up to the rails. Due o this, the schrader valve location is too close to my turbo to use that spot for the fuel pressure gauge. It will be mounted into the port directly on the sn95 fuel rails. On my fox hard lines, I picked up a plug that threads into the port after removing the schrader valve, which just gives more clearance to he turbo.

    Shall I use any type of sealant or thread locker there?
  12. teflon paste will do
  13. Good deal, thx