Head lights wont work

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by tkareno, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Ok i took my dash out recently and i put it back on and the i went to turn on my headlights and they wont turn on, just the head lights though all lights on the dash tail lights blinkers they work.
    I looked threw all the fuses they are fine and all the plugs i can see are plugged in. Could it be anything in back of the dash, im just really lost and dont know what to do. need help
  2. do they turn on when you pull the signal lever back?
  3. no they dont turn on no matter what?
  4. Take out your headlight switch make sure your wires didnt come out of the socket and make sure its pluged in all the way
  5. yea i did that its plugged in all the way i eliminated every possible thing that i could think of that would make them not turn on and idk what else to do.
  6. well i tried my friends headlight switch and that worked and i tried 1 of his bulbs and still nothing.
  7. If the red/yellow wire at the back of the hdlt switch has power when the switch is on (in position two), check the red/yellow wire at the Multi-function switch. It's known for backing out of the MF connector or burning up. If it's ok at the MF switch, check the low and high beam outputs at the MF switch.

    It can also sometimes be helpful to pull back on the turn signal stalk and see if flash-to-pass works. This uses a different power source for the lights than you normally use, and it can tell you that the wiring from the MF switch forward is ok.

    Good luck.
  8. dammit, alright
  9. I had a similar issue, and I know this post is somewhat dead, but I found the connectors to be the problem. Like Hissen50 said earlier, the wires push out the rear and hence no bueno. As a quick fix and somewhat permanent although not very pretty and don't require rewiring the car or thought, I used that quick set putty you mix by hand and shove it in the rear of the connector as good as possible, assuring the contact is fully in the housing, then let it set for like a half hour or so, plug it in and good to go. Just a quick fix when nothing else was handy or available. I'm sure there are myriads of better suited epoxy's out there for plastic, but I didn't have the option to drive to store......
  10. Definitely something to remember...