Head Or Intake Gasket?

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  1. Ok so a few weeks ago I had the ac fixed and when I ran er she overheated w ac on, bad tensioner. So anyway I made it home but I had a puff of white smoke out the tailpipe and sum steam from the back of engine around lower intake area. There didn't appear to be any h2o in the oil. The intake bolts were a little loose if that has anything to do w anything. Is there any way to tell if its intake or head gasket before its torn down? Oh and the car didnt overheat w ac off even after puff of smoke out the tail. That was a 30 mi ride home.
  2. Honestly, you could probably tighten down the intake bolts again and see if that fixes it. I've had that happen before and all it took was a tightening of the bolts. If the intake bolts were loose, that was probably the problem.

  3. I hope you're right kurt. But.. Acts like a vac leak.
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  4. What heads are you running? If they're stock, go ahead and tighten the intake bolts down to spec. If you've got aftermarket aluminum heads on there, I wouldn't crank them down any more than about 18-20lbs....max. And of course, torque them when the engine is stone cold....not after a run.
  5. Stock heads. The only ones I re-tightened were the ones I could get to w/out removing the upper. The ones in the rear and such
  6. I just do them wrist tight with a 1/4" ratchet. Even the stock spec is too much sometimes. If they keep backing out, a little blue loctite usually fixes it.

  7. Sounds good ill see what happens
  8. ive ran a small bottle of propane around areas to find leaks if idle increases possible leak but only works for certin things....