Engine head removal

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  1. Which would be easier if at all possible(the #2 option)

    1) Unbolt the exhaust manifold from the head then pull the head out?

    2) Is it possible to unbolt the exhaust manifold from the mid pipe then unbolt the head from the block and remove the head and manifold together? Honestly I would like to install headers at this timewhileh I had it out so later on I won't have to mess with it if I do any more mods to it.

    It was just a thought since I'm really not looking forward to doing this. lol

    anyway TIA,
  2. I recommend going under the car and unbolting the mid-pipe. And then pull the head off with the exhaust manifold attached. Only because getting to those bolts are such a pain...for me at least. Unbolting the mid-pipe isn't too bad.
  3. #2 unless you,ve got longtubes on then unbolt from the head
  4. Will you be able to get at all the bolts with the header installed? Don't be lazy take the header off than the head

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  5. It's not a matter of laziness...it's more a matter of access and time efficiency. Those bolts are darn near impossible to get to with the heads on the engine and the engine in the car. It is much easier and a lot less time consuming to just take the head off with the manifold attached. Especially since they're not being put back in.
  6. Always pull the head with the manifold attached. FoMoCo actually recommends doing it this way as per service manual.