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  1. My wife just bought a new 05 stang convertible. Very nice. I have one problem, it is the head rests. Seems like they make my head bend forward at an uncomfortable angle.

    My question is this. Is there any way to change the angle or remove them?

  2. Your useing them wrong.
  3. You're sitting too upright - tilt your seat back a bit more - no head rest clearance problems now!
  4. Remember the "Head Rest" is not for resting your head while driving, but to keep your head from snapping back in an accident and causing you more harm or breaking your neck! Ditto to previous, adjust your seat back a bit. If you are still uncomfortable, remove it and turn it around. I would not recommend doing that, but if you must.......
  5. I love this helpful comment. He/she offers input in the way of a negative comment and doesnt follow up by sharing any useful information on how to help this poor guy's situation.

    Anyways, extend the head support to its fullest reach and tilt your seat back. The problem should be relieved.

  6. I did tilt the seat back a little more. It was somewhat uncomfortable, but I could get used to it.

  7. Im sorry, Im not entirely sure how I use my headrest, since Ive never found the headrest uncomfortable. Basically I couldn't figure out how to explain how to use the headrest properly.
  8. Yep, on my wifes first test drive that is the first thing she commented on was the headrest. And I agree. They are angled to far forward. Nothing a heating torch won't take care of and bend them where they should be located in the first place.

    I guess Ford has taken notice and that is why they have changed them on the 2006 Mustang.
  9. Where have you seen this information? So far I have sseen nothing about a change in seats.
  10. Hey SVT, you swallowin that? I remember when EVERYONE on the Boxster board KNEW there were MAJOR cosmetic changes for the following year. Its 4 years later and the car remains basically the same.
  11. Huh?
  12. Everyone always knows of changes in a car that has yet to come out. Sometimes they are correct, more often than not its wishful thinkin. Odds are the headrests will be the same damn thing.
  13. Step #1: take head
    Step #2: rest it
  14. I think the headrests are too far forward as well. I'm gonna pull them off and see what it will take to 'adjust' them.
  15. To make it so I can reach the shifter and still be far enough away from the pedals so my knees don't hit the console, the seat back has to be at a certain angle forward, and it does make my headrest very uncomfortable. I'm 5'10" and can't get comfortable (maybe I'm built wierd), but I do wish they had adjustable pedals.
  16. Geeze guys and gals.... just read the above.

  17. The uncomfortable headrests are basicallly the only thing I didn't like about the interior the first time I sat in an 05. My first question during the test drive was, "Who designed these stupid headrest?"

    They really place your head in an unnatural position. Everytime I get out of the car I have to snap my neck back into position. Kind of like Meryl Streep in "Death Becomes her."

    Anyone try to bend the post to adjust these dumb things?