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  1. It is highly unlikely that any automaker with a design that has an expected lifespan into '07 and beyond would not take the new regs into account. The Ford 500 does not have this problem. Neither does the new BMW 3 series.

    Luv my 'stang. Just being realistic about the headrests.
  2. I just sat in my son's new 2005 Pontiac G6. Guess what?

    The headrests are designed perfectly. Unlike the 2005 Mustang.

    When I pull the headrest up (3 clicks), the headrest is aligned with the back of my head (not neck) and there is about 2 to 3 inches between the headrest and my head. Perfect. I don't have to have my head tilted forward in an unnatural position. There is one problem however, these headrests aren't in the Mustang.
  3. I for one strenuously disagree that Ford dropped the ball on the head rests. HAve you sat in a late model Volvo - or any Volvo built in last one or two decades? Ford has finally desinged a headrest that will prevent if not eliminate whiplash. My headrests do not interfere with my head position. Quite frankly, I'm really not sure what all the fuss is about. As I said earlier, adjust your seat - you must be siitting to upright. The new Stang headrests are the abrolute best yet and surpass even Volvo in their design elements. Bravo FMC! :banana:
  4. I feel that the driver should dictate the position of the seat. My headrest should not dictate where I put my seat and seatback.

    If I pull out the headrest, (ie. remove it), and then adjust the seat where it is in a comfortable driving position for me, then replace the headrest, it is in the way. I am totally unable to adjust the headrest so that it is behind my head without my head tilted forward. Therefore I have to tilt the seat back and let the headrest dictate my seatback position. BAD DESIGN. The angle of the headrest sticks too far forward.
  5. I would like to see a picture of what your talking about! I',m 5' 11" and my head does NOT touch the headrest while driving! I have my headrest up, 3 clicks on the post, just so if I do get in an accident, I won't get whiplash.
    I just can't see how your chin is in your chest, as you say? :shrug:


    I'm an ex-B52 Crew Chief Was the best job I ever had! I was stationed at Castle Air Force Base in California, but it's long gone now :(
  6. I just traded in my Volvo S60 T5 and immediately felt right at home with the Mustang headrests. It is was obvious to me that Volvo's input in seats is filtering in at Ford. My 99 Mustang GT seats were a joke compared to the 2005.
  7. I totally agree - the seats in the new stang are awesome
  8. Quote:
    Originally Posted by coladin
    I just traded in my Volvo S60 T5 and immediately felt right at home with the Mustang headrests. It is was obvious to me that Volvo's input in seats is filtering in at Ford. My 99 Mustang GT seats were a joke compared to the 2005.

    Ditto, what he said.
  9. I am currently stationed at Luke AFB, I have beed a crewdog for about 5 yrs. This job probably is not as fun as your job was back then.
  10. I will take a picture this weekend of the headrest when I'm sitting in the car. I perfer to sit mostly straight up and not at in incline. The incline position places a strain on my lower back.

  11. Who actually rest thier head on the head rest while driving? Maybe im built wrong but 5'10" and they dont bother me at all.
  12. message to people complaining about head "rest"raint:

    its a SAFETY DEVICE not a pillow...the seats are not made to sleep in
  13. We have no issues. I can and do rest my head on it while driving. I am 6' tall and while I do lay the seat back to the "B" pillar, it fits perfectly.
  14. Here's another vote for "perfect design" 05 Mustang headrest. I'm 6 foot, and in my normal, upright seating position, the headrest is about 1-2 inches away from the back of my head. Perfect. Much better than the old SN95 seats where the headrest was a useless, whiplash-assisting 6 inches away.
  15. headrest position is ok for me normally, but it is WAY too far forward with a helmet on...

    I took mine to the track this past weekend, and it was pretty uncomfortable. Had to rake the seat back so that my arms were too extended for my head to be comfortable. Even the instructor mentioned it.
  16. OK,

    Camera died so no pics.

    Let me try to describe the problem for me...

    I sit upright in the car. If I try to keep my head straight up and down, I run into the headrest and it forces me to lean my head forward placing a strain on my neck. If I recline the seat slightly then it is better. However, as stated, I do not sit this way. If I realy recline the seat then no problem, except I am now in an abnormal and unsafe, for me, position.

    I want the headrest there for safety. I do not want it to cause me to be unsafe in the car.

    So now maybe another question. Does a headrest/restraint from a 2004 fit into the holes for the 05?

    I think it's time for a trip to the dealer.

  17. to me, the only valid comment about head rest being to far forward is (with helmet on)

    the reasons for head rests are to reduce and prevent head, neck and back injuries in frontal or rear end collisions

    although I do feel for those that just can't get comfortable, are you deformed? :shrug:

    ............................................................................... :lol:

  18. I suspect that everyone knows what the head rest is there for. I just wish it wouldn't hit the back of my head when I hit a bumpy stretch of pavement. It is just too close for those of us who do not want the 'low-rider' seating position.

    Some folks like it, some don't and others don't care. Why do people have to get into such a pissy mood when everyone doesn't agree with them?
  19. Here I am sitting in my normal position.


    Now in a more re-clined position. This position is not comfortable for me.


  20. Mike,

    I feel your pain. I am in the same boat as you are. See my earlier posting in this same thread (#33).

    Having your chin in your chest is not the correct position to be in just to make the improperly designed headrest work. Tilting the seat backwards, which is what most people on this thread are apparently doing, to make the headrest not touch your head is not the fix.

    As I have stated earlier, remove the headrest to get it out of the equation. Then adjust the seat where you are in a comfortable driving position. Then reinsert the headrest. I'll bet you that the headrest is touching your head and forcing you to tilt your head forward a little. Unless a guy is trying to get laid in the front seat of his Mustang, there is no reason to have to lay the seat back in order for the headrest to not touch the back of your head.
    Again, bad design.


    I believe Ford has made an adjustment in the 2006 Mustangs for the old farts like you and I. Look under Major Optional Features. 2 way head restraint.