Head rests

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  1. I just tilted my seat back some and actually love the ride and quality of this car.
  2. Sunday, I wore my helmet at the drag strip and I don't even recall my head hitting the headrest once. I may have been having too much fun to notice such thing however. I have been in my car up to 5 hours in a single trip before and have had no pain/discomfort issues, so I'm with bigcat on trying to find a more comfortable seating position.

    Not to hijack, but...my issue with the seat is that I have it set so I'm very comfortable, but that puts the rear view mirror right in my line of sight for right hand turns:mad: That forces me to scrunch down just a bit to look under it as I turn...
  3. Headrests Revisited

    It took only a little while to get the seat position and seat back adjusted to where my head is about an inch from the headrest.

    Now when I sit in other peoples cars im thinking "where is the #@*!+^ headrest?" The headrest is now giving me a good sense of security. Thought I'd share. :D