Head Swap Build Thread: And other Improvements

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  1. I started the tear down yesterday but just making the thread now. Not a huge project as compared to some on here but also going to do a few additional things while it is apart.

    Project Description: Removing the AFR 185cc Cylinder heads to be replaced with Trickflow 205CNC cylinder heads. Sending out the Victor 5.8 lower to be ported. Unsure of any porting yet as far as the new heads. Depends on if any further will be needed compared to what they are out of the box. Also getting the accessory brackets powder coated and cleaning up the front of the block, grime, grease all that stuff.

    Hoping for over 350+ at the wheels once everything is complete. This will be a slow build thread spanning until next spring but I will update with pics or information on whats being done. Also this is the first time attempting anything like this so I am learning a lot as I go along. I just hope I remember how to put it all back together lol. Also along with whats been mentioned I also plan on getting a set of Corbeau CR1 seats with the 4 point harness belts. I hope to have this project finished by the april/may of next year. Most of the work being done will be done from now until when it gets to cold to work in the garage then the rest will be buying parts.

    This is the progress as of the end of day 2.




  2. are you going to sell the 185's?
  3. Lets hope you add some LT's to the mix :p
  4. With those heads and the rest of the induction you have, you should be shooting for 425 ish. The heads you have can easily do over 400hp out of the box on your car but we read about your frustration with them.
  5. yeah they are going for sale as soon as I get the drivers side off and clean them up some.
  6. tip on the powdercoating of the brackets...sand down the casting marks to be flush with the area around them. It makes them look smoother and does not take that long if you only do the areas you will see.

    If your not coating them yourself see if the coater can bead blast them prior to coating to help get any dirt out of the small areas.

    Good luck with the build...are you keeping the cam as IIRC it was a custom from Ed? Have you talked to him in what to expect with a head change?
  7. Thanks for the tip, I'll do that when I get that part. I do remember e-mailing Ed before regarding a head change but I think it was also with stroking it to a 408 and he said the cam would still work good. I'll have to go through my e-mails from him again but I'll probably shoot him a new one as well.

    Adam- Id like to do some LT's but it may not be this time around. I just installed the dynomax side exhaust and it hangs really low, to low for my comfort b/c the subframes push the exhaust pipes down. I have the round style SFC and they hang down from the floor pans. I'm thinking I might get those removed and just install some MM Full length ones. Until I get this issue resolved I'll hold off on doing the LT's plus Id like to see where Im at power wise w/ the bigger heads before I decide to go LTs or not
  8. Oh, another thing I forgot to mention...when you get the brackets back from powdercoating sand down the area the alt. touches the brackets and the area the brackets touch the block. The alt. grounds threw the brackets to the block and if this is not a clean contact your alt will not put out any charge and "look" dead. BIG headache to figure out...:(

    Here is a pic of my brackets coated silver metallic. The area to sand on the alt side is the casting line on the arc were it mounts to the alt. On the drivers side the casting that runs on the flat part, up around the coil bracket and to the power ster. pump arc. Took like 15min. Best thing I did ever looks wise...cleans with a wipe no scrubbing...just a dab of simple green on a paper towel and good as new.

  9. Ahh nice tip thanks. I'm also going to have the upper intake powder coated as well. Im unsure of the colors Im going to do yet though. Something along the lines of titanium or black wrinkle.

    I need to get a power steering pulley puller then I can take off the drivers side head. I hope to have this done either monday/tuesday then Im off next weekend fri,sat,sun which will involve a lot of parts clean up.

    Also any advise if there is any good products to spray paint the headers? Id like to get those looking better then they are
  10. Or tape off the areas before you coat the brackets.
  11. I emailed Jet Hot just to see what it would cost to have my headers done. If its not to much I may be sending those out as well. From what Ive been reading online none of the header high temp spray paint really works that well.
  12. No one local can coat your headers?
  13. probably not. We have places that do powder coating but none that I no of that will jet hot coat headers unless its pretty much the same thing
  14. Now you'll have to double check, perhaps call 1 or 2 places and run it by them. But i thought Jet Hot Coat was the "name brand" that people know across the country....but the actual process is just ceramic (powder) coating?
  15. yeah I think your right, but I do think it a ceramic coat and not just a powder coat. I did e-mail a place and ask them. I would like to get my headers done b/c they look like crap but I dont want to invest to much into it not knowing if I'll be going to LT's later on or not either.

    I have decided that I want to do the accessory brackets in Black wrinkle and do the intake in gun metal gray
  16. The powder coat place e-mailed me back and said they cannot do powder coat on headers. Well they can but its not good in the long run it does not hold up. They also do ceramic coating so I'm going to call on monday just to get a price est on that and the other parts Id want done.
  17. didn't you jutt go through a round of performance upgrades? i don't remember what you did though ...

    back on topic ... i just read on corral that the john deere exhaust piant is great for headers. i know they have black, not sure if they have a silver color or not though
  18. Id want black if I did them anyway. The only thing I changed before was the intake and the cam. A cobra intake is a big choke point on a 351 if you ask me thats why I removed it.

    I was just out doing some work on it now, I got as far as taking of the roller rockers and pushrods on the drivers side. until I get pulley puller for the power steering pully to get the power steering off and the bracket. One thing I need to know is how do I get the driver side header OUT. It is unbolted completely but I cant get it to pull out of the engine bay. do I have to undo the steering shaft b/c it seems to be getting caught up on that
  19. Jet Hot will be a fortune. They wanted like 325 to do the shortys on my truck. Somebody on here might have been Rio just had his LT's coated pretty damn cheap. Do a search you might find who he used. You can rent them pullers from Autozone and Advance or but them from either, Harbor Freight might sell them as well I think that's where I got mine.
  20. Jet hot quoted me at $255 + shipping to do my headers in black. Not to bad I don't think. I heard you can get the pulley off w/ out the puller b/c the bolts will line up in the holes in teh pulley so I'm going to give it a shot when I go out to the garage today. If not I have a friend that has one that he said I can borrow to get it off.

    Anyone have any advise on the drivers side header? I dont think taking the head off will give me anymore clearance b/c it seems to be caught on the block and the steering shaft. I just want to be sure that has to be unbolted before I go ahead and do it