Head Swap Build Thread: And other Improvements

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  1. I'll start searching around and checking prices and hopefully get them done soon
  2. Long tubes have been test fitted after a long drawn out fight with the passenger side header that finally ended with one of the primary's being lightly messaged with a BFH for proper fitment :) Should be sending them off to be coated in the next week or so. Also had a complete rebuild done on the rear end with all new bearings and upgraded the upper control arms from the stockers to a set of Team Z uppers
  3. Look at what got delivered back to me today :)


  4. They look amazing. I'm jealous. Mine are a pile of rust that I've covered in flame proof paint.

  5. It crossed my mind to do that Kurt but it never seems like a good long term option as well as header wrap. Shipping was $50 each way and $200 to get them coated. I used the place that Andy suggested on the previous page. Performance coatings out of Joplin MO
  6. they look great i might have to get my old bbks redone they are starting to not lok so nice at the flanges you should be up and running in no time now
  7. Still have to get the steering shaft clamps for all the exhaust the cats and the borla cat back system oil and coolant plus power steering fluid and bleed the brake system. Looking at mid may as long as everything goes as planned
  8. Yeah, I did the header wrap mistake. It holds moisture in and destroys your headers. It messed up my headers bad. It also itches your hands everytime you go to changes spark plugs.

  9. Andy's coating has held up for a few years and still look like new
  10. I'll keep that in mind. How much did it cost you to get those coated if you don't mind me asking. I think I'm just going to fork up the $500 for the BBK 1 and 3/4" headers with ceramic coating on them. I'd really like a set of headers Jet hot coated inside and out.

  11. It was $50 for shipping each way and $200 for the actual coating
  12. Well I bought the last major componet this moring. I purchased a Magnaflow catback system from summit. I inteded on going with a borla kit but the price kept going up and up so I axed that option. The borla kit started out at $640 on LMP Performance and then took a jump to $667 and when I checked again last night it was $710. So I changed my mind and got the Magnaflow kit from Summit for $552. I can put the money saved towards the tune. The Livewire spark plug wires are on back order but I can use my set of taylor wires to get me by until then. I'll be taking the Prochamber into an exhaust shop tomorrow and asking about fittng the 2.5 catback up to the 3" prochamber and about getting the cats welded onto the prochamber. Things are still on par for a start up date of the 26th.
  13. Wait a minute, you ordered a new 2.5" cat back?????? Why didn't you just get a 3" catback?

  14. Magnaflow does not make a 3" catback for the 94-98
  15. Yeah, but it's not much more money to piece together a cat back for 3" exhaust with 3" Magnaflow mufflers. What's the point of putting a 3" midpipe in just to squeeze it back down to 2.5".

  16. Ive seen it done a lot on engines with more cubic inch's then mine and with stouter combonations. Its a lot more easy to click "BUY" then try and peice together an entire 3" system. Ive seen quite a few combo's over on the corral of guys with 3" collectors 3" mid pipes and 2.5" cat backs.
  17. Just sounds weird to me.

  18. I'm going to have a hard enough time hoping that this whole thing bolts up somewhat close enough to all fit together especially with having to do some modification to the prochamber. The last thing I want to do is to buy a custom catback system and hoping all that lines up where it should. Would much rather buy a kit that is all put together and will bolt right up with no issues.
  19. I went full 3" from Collector to Tail Pipe. People do squeeze cat backs down to 2.5" but it's not the best option with more cubes.
  20. it will be fine.