Head Swap Build Thread: And other Improvements

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  1. Well... toss em in. Should be like a 15 minute job. :D
  2. I wish lol, none of the exhaust system is even on yet. I have a friend coming down not this weekend but the weekend after to help me with the long tubes and get the rest of the exhaust done and then start it up finally.

    I called Magnaflow and asked them about going from 3" down to a 2.5" catback system and they said all that is causes is more back pressure and increases low end Tq. If I were to stay 3" all the way through it would have less back pressure and move that TQ higher in the RPM range. They said it is not detrimental or anything like that just a matter of more or less back pressure and where the TQ is seen in the RPM range.

    Went to one exhaust shop today and had the very ends of the prochamber (where it flares out) cut off. Looks as though I'll have to band clamp the prochamber to the long tubes with no cats on it and then bring it to a shop and have the cats welded on. They cant do it off the car. I also asked about getting the 2.5" flow tubes expanded out to 3" so it would mate up to the prochamber and they said they could not do it but there is another exhaust shop in town that may be able to. Its just a matter of having a large enough die. I was not able to make it there before they closed but I sent them an e-mail.
  3. last piece is finally here.

  4. The same way Steeda tells you to leave your cats in to increase low end torque. It probably won't make that much of a difference. It just messes with my theoretical mind.

  5. well if it pulls 350 on the dyno I'll blame it on the catback and say you told me so lol
  6. Oil change done filled with Amsoil, Coolant filled in the radiator (will prob need more once its started and its sucked through the system) Power Steering pump filled, battery put back in and it was nice to see that everything was still working electronically. Picking up the Prochamber from the exhaust shop on Friday where they modified it so that it will accept the 2.5" flow tubes. Entire exhaust install and start up date is this coming saturday, great weather expected as well so I hope I get to enjoy some of it while taking a quick drive in the Cobra
  7. Picked the pro chamber up today with the modification done so that the 2.5 cat back will bolt up to the 3" pro chamber. I'm really happy with how it came out, they did a great job with some great welds.



  8. IT RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow finally, you have no idea how relieved I am. No leaks or anything. It all appears to be pretty good. But although the start up went well there are still hang ups. Bc of the long tubes and Mac Prochamber and it all being pretty much a custom exhaust set up the Magnaflow system does not fit. Over all its to long at the back end. But what I am going to do is get the brakes bled so it can be driven and I'll take it to the exhaust shop that did my mid pipe and I'll have them make the necessary adjustments and cut what needs to be cut so I know it will be done right. I dont really want to mess with it more. Here are a few videos. The first one is it running straight off the headers right after the initial start p and the second is with the prochamber hooked up and after the timing was set and the idle adjusted.

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  9. sounds great congrats
  10. Thanks, still not driveable yet. Maybe after today.
  11. Congratulations.

  12. Thanks Kurt. I appreciate all the help you have offered over the course of this project.

    Going out shortly to reconnect the drive shaft and try and figure out something with the exhaust and possibly bleed the brakes.
  13. I think this will be my last update in this thread before I let it fall back into the abyss. Once the car was running and moving under its own power then I was going to consider this thread done. And today it did do that. While I still have some brake issues to figure out and the exhaust system is not quite the way I want it yet over all the project is done. So I would like to thank all of those who followed and helped along the way. This was the most I have wrenched on any Mustang before and while the whole project may have seemed simple it was a great learning experience. I leave you all with one last video, as you can see the car is facing the other direction in the garage b/c it did make a short trip toady before returning.

  14. Sounds like it is running pretty healthy! Congrats and I am happy for you I know your joy of getting your mustang back after such a long wait.
  15. Sounds like it idles real smooth. There is a loud clacking noise when you got to the engine shot, but sometimes that is just a distortion from the camera mic. I can't tell if it's an actual exhaust leak or anything.

  16. I'm shocked at how well it idles with no tune and the combo change it went through. I think the tapping is the roller rockers they have always been noisy but I'll ask the dyno shop about it when I take it in. They are also going to finish the exhaust on it. I'm Also going to retighten the header bolts once they get another heat cycle.
  17. Sounds like a good plan. It does idle very well. I would say that is just the quality you get from a custom set up like the one you got from Ed. My custom setup idles really well too. I can put it in 5th gear going up a hill at 40mph, and it doesn't jerk or tug or surge at all. I don't have a custom tune for this particular setup either. I'm still using the mail order tune for my old engine.

  18. Yeah Ed's magic sticks are amazing. When I first got the car it had the AFR heads, Cobra intake and Crowder 15512 camshaft and no tune done and it idled like crap and would surge and the tach would bounce up and down
  19. Have you taken it to the dyno yet?