header and roller cam

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  1. headed to local u pull it next week and am looking to add short header and roller cam to my na 2.3
    can anybody tell me what donner cars and or trucks to look for to get my need 4 speed filled????
    also what do you think is the best stock efi head to use on my motor build
    thanks in advance
  2. Roller cams can be found in all 8 spark plug head 2.3L engines (1989-1997 Ranger or 1991-1993 Mustang- just be aware that the later Ranger's roller cams are slightly different). The steel header can be found on 95-97 2.3L Rangers. As heads go, yours is about the best you can get in stock form.
  3. Don't expect too much more speed though...
  4. The header swap will take 20 lbs. off the front end though, that's gotta be helpful. Besides the header, I plan on relocating the batter to the back too. Those two mods will help with braking and handling a bit too.