Header Bolt Alignment Question

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  1. I removed the headers to replace leaky gaskets. Last tube on the passenger side header, I can't get either bolt to start in. I can get bolts in the other 3 tubes no problem, but whether I leave other bolts loose, tight, only leave one other bolt in, I can't get a bolt started on the #4 tube.

    I tried an inspection mirror and flashlight, and it does look like the alignment is slightly off compared to other holes on that header. These headers have been on for 8 years, with all the heat cycles is it possible to have 'sprung' out of alignment?

    Are there any tips/tricks for getting this bad boy back on?

  2. i take these are individual flanges and not a one piece flange?
  3. Are they still connected to the midpipe? Sometimes it's impossible to get them in there with the midpipe connected.

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  4. Loosen the mid pipe if it's still connected, then try to start the #4 bolts first. If you can get them to start, try the others. Just a matter of trying different combinations until something works.
  5. Yeah, individual flanges (BBK unequal shorties). Mid pipe is off already. I have tried to put #4 in first, but you know how you have to play twister to get some of these bolts in . . . for #4 I'm facing away from the car so I can turn my hand backwards to get the right angle, so I don't have a free hand to hold the header too. I'll try that again, maybe I get my wife to hold the header in place while I try.

    Thanks for the suggestions. So it sounds like it's not common for a header to 'adjust' itself over time?
  6. How about using a stud on that hole.
  7. No, those BBK headers have a massive flange. They don't warp too easily. You just have to move it around a little until you get it right. With old iron heads, it might not be a bad idea to re chase the threads with a tap if they give you trouble to make sure they aren't cross threaded, or just full of debris.