Header Gasket Question? Fel-Pro 1415?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by JDubz50, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. i wana try and do it like he said since he regrinded the cam to other specs and wants me to check those things and let him know what I get so i feel safe doing it his way so there won't be no confusion lol. But if i can't get it I will do it the way you said.

    right now trying to get TDC using air to force the paper out of the number one hole. So far turning the crank i havent had success. Maybe its cause the intake isnt on and i hear air constantly while turning the crank ???????
  2. I never cared for the paper out of the hole trick. The engine has a tendancy to go a full rotation over after the paper blows out. I always pull the spark plug on the number one cylinder, stick my left booger picking finger in the spark plug hole, and then rotate the engine with a ratchet until I feel air blowing past my booger picking finger.

    I don't understand his procedure. It sounds like the procedure for a solid cam engine. There is no lash on a hydraulic engine. Maybe someone else can chime in. There is something here I'm missing.

  3. let me relay that to him and see what he says cause yeah i want to do it the easiest way possible
  4. you know what man I am unsure because I am a noob to a lot of this lango as far as the valvetrain and such. He explained in detail why it's best to do as he told me in the steps so i guess I will go ahead as planned and go with that since he has helped a great deal in the process of the heads and cam and other stuff so to be honest I'm not quite sure of doing it one way vs another. Everyone does things differently for most part and from what he says about his several testing and trial and error, this cam regrind is supposed to be nite and day from my E cam after the regrind so I'm going to just stick to the gameplan and see how it goesyeah in a nutshell he told me to take 2 lifters apart and pour the oil out and use those 2 to check preload measuring between clip and pushrod seat. This would be done at TDC by they way. Also using 2 lifters that was not taken apart I would check rocker arm geometry. The regrind of the cam from the E cam to what it is now is supposed to be nite and day

    checking the preload would determine well he said doing the geometry first would let him know a lot and help in determining rather i need to go with another pushrod. I am new to the lango of the whole valvetrain and as far as its certain functions so I'm learning on the go definitely