Header Paint?

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  1. While i have her all taken apart, thought it would be a good time to repaint my headers. There are on3 turbo headers and we all know they look like chit real quickly. Any good recomendations?
  2. The vht high heat.. 2000 degree stuff worked good on my headers
  3. I concur. The VHT paint is probably the best high heat paint you can buy, short of having your headers professionally coated.


    They come in a variety of colours, but I've only really ever used black. Skip their satin clear coat. I tried it on my snowmobile exhaust. Looked great before I ran it, then turned an uneven chalky white. Just go with their flat black and be done with it.

    You can even tak it one step further like I did and wrap them with some high heat wrap. Looks great and cut's down the under head heat (also keeping heat inside the header) 10X better than any coating ever could.
  4. ill pick sme up tomor. I've also read many times over DO NOT wrap your headers, especially on a turbo
  5. have them coated , O have the BBk shortys that are ceramic coated and they have held up great they are about 9 years old and dont really show any signs of wear
  6. VHT Ceramic header paint.
  7. Is he holding it with his foot?
  8. Bah...internet folk lore. If it's a decent quality header, wrapping it isn't gonna hurt.

    The stories you hear about rusted out or cracked headers are always from guys using cheap, thin gauge headers like Headman, JBA's or that Ebay junk.

    Paint them up, wrap them and don't give it a second thought. Wrap your starter while you're at it. It probably wouldn't hurt to have turbo headers coated as well. They do tend to see a lot of heat.

    Looks like toe thumbs to me. Maybe its Megan Fox?
  9. VHT ceramic paint with clear coat. I also wrapped them, no run time yet.


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  11. get em coated.
  12. Rick suggested Eastwood header paint on my ceramic headers that were dull and crappy looking. I have to say Rick picked some great stuff its been 8 years since he did them and they still look FANTASTIC!, i remember him saying alot has to do with how good you prep them i would use it again for sure!.
  13. was that a spray or brush on?
  14. LQQKs great, there is that sweet ass purdy intake!!!
  15. Bought VHT caliper paint to redo my calipers and drums, do i need clear on it??
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  16. http://www.cjponyparts.com/silver-h...ign=shopping?gclid=CJj0gPG9kL4CFTMV7AodfSgAKA

    actually rick used this http://www.eastwood.com/silver-high...ode=ga220010&gclid=CLDTmsK-kL4CFZJj7AodFVoA8w
    and it is amazing how long it is lasting. Couple years ago i was cleaning or doing something in engine bay when headers were hot with gloves on and a glove touched and burnt on header i tried real fast to get off but it didnt, then after returning from a cruise i noticed it was gone not even a trace. Madspeed pm rick for info how he did it worth asking holding up great!. lol thanks Grabbin' asphalt