header to h-pipe bolts

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  1. does anyone know the size of the bolts that connect the H-pipe to the headers, i am putting a new h-pipe on and i want to replace the rusty bolts, thanks
  2. i think when i had mine off a couple weeks ago i used an 18mm socket on them
  3. are the bolts threaded right into the headers that connect it to the h-pipe?, i looked at my car an it doesnt look like a normal bolt and nut, it looks like a bolt with no head thats threaded into the headers and then a nut at the bottom holding it on.
  4. there is a stud in the manifold with a bolt on the h-pipe side. you have to remove the bolts from under the car
  5. you mean a nut on the h-pipe side right?
  6. If I remember right.... It's just the nut on the H-pipe side.
    They are just a b*tch to get off. Use extentions, swivels, wd-40 and lots of torque.

  7. Depending on how much rust there is on the nuts and bolts, they are a Beeatch to get off. I sheared off one bolt off the passenger side header - the one that is right behind the O2 sensor - if you can get that off it makes it easier to remove the nut. But to answer your question, they are not bolts but threaded studs. The end that threads into the header flange is of a wider diameter than the other end that the H-pipe connects to - so the size of socket that fits that end won't help you. There is also no nut on the other side - it simply screws into the header flange. As a result, if you really really really want to replace it, you are going to have to use a grinder, cut the bolt off flush with the header flange, drill out the remainder, tap it and screw in the new stud. I can pretty much guarantee that there is no way you will be able to screw out the existing stud - there is nothing to get purchase on to unscrew it, and it likely is rusted solid.

    Hope this helps

  8. thanks for the help. i think i might just buy new nuts and keep the studs there, i tried removing the nuts with a regular ratchet but they werent going anywhere, so im bringing it to a shop to use their air socket, i hope the air socket works in breaking those nuts free.
  9. It'll work like a charm. I tried for about 30 minutes to break them lose myself, but then I just borrowed one of my friend's impact wrenches..... took it right off.

  10. mine came right off with no troubles...Gool 'ol Texas car with no rust