Headers: chrome vs. ceramic

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  1. What are the pros and cons of chrome vs. ceramic headers?

    Are there any real risks with running non-ceramic headers?
  2. just get chrome and then coat them. youll save some money by not having to pay for ceramic.
  3. Ceramic headers reduce heat transfer from the hot exhaust gases to the engine compartment (read: engine compartment is cooler in temperature). How much of an effect they have, I don't have any numbers, I don't know. With non-ceramic headers make sure that no lines are close or touching the LTs and if there are than ask your installer to make sure they secure all nearby lines.
  4. most (if not all) wrap around your steering shaft. you can search rag joints going out of steering shaft while people are driving and you will see why i bought the ceramic hookers about 8 years ago. my engine bay is cooler than anybody's. i do also have a 180 t-stat, i have the C&L intake and maf tube (aluminum and way cooler than the chrome ones) and also my oem hood scoop is drilled out and functional.

    the rag joint is the real issue here though.
    the steering shaft replacement from flaming river is one of the best mods you can do. and for what you save not getting the ceramic tubes you can buy the steering shaft then the heat issue is not really an issue.
  5. Ceramic headers flow better because they keep more heat in the tubes . They also reduce under hood temps. They won't turn colors or rust and last a really long time in my opinion it's worth the extra to get coated headers.
  6. Thanks for the input guys, i went ahead and ordered the ceramics :)
  7. no input on the mustang I only have the ford racing headers. no opinion on them. they were cheap and I wasnt gonna put the stockers back after they were off.

    I did get a nice set of Stainless steel headers for my wifes traans am. made by Stainless Works, and they were very expensive. I'm sure I got ripped off on that whole project but they are very nice headers, only a little blue-ing near the ports after a year or so of use. Got those because they were the only performance headers made for the car that retained all the emmissions items.
  8. Going on 5-years with my Kooks Jet Hot coated headers on my Cougar. Still look as good as the day I bought them. :nice:
  9. You really can't see our headers from the engine bay. I would forget the dress-up and go for the functional, and get the ceramics.