Headers off -- changing Spark Plugs -- what type are best?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by DJHA90, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. Any recomedations on spark plugs? Figured wile I had the headers off, might as well do the plugs too.
  2. The stock heat range copper plugs will do you just fine, like the Autolite 3925, or the stock Bosch replacements from Pepboys or Autozone will do you good too.
  3. Iron heads=Autolite 25's.
  4. If you wanna try something different...NGK UR45 V Groove... :nice:

    I run these with no problems...i swap between the stock ones and these. With my recent head install, I switched back over to the NGK's...
  5. The Denso are a great plug also!
  6. Ive got the NGK's Works great!!
  7. im running NGK's. Im new to the whole "Aluminum Head Craze"....is there a certain plug you should run with aluminum heads???
  8. Autolite 3924's. Gap them at .045.
  9. Vibe...is there any reasoning behind running the Autolites or is it just the thing to do?
  10. Nah, you can run NGK's UR series as well. Autolites are plentiful though and I know the part numbering system pretty well. Stay away from Platinum plugs. Never a fan of those.
  11. man i've had nothing but trouble with autolites. i always just use motorcraft plugs because i can get them pretty cheap.
  12. I believe Motorcraft & Autolite are actually the same plug.

    I use Autolite 3924's with my AFR's, gapped at 0.054. When I still had the E7's, I used Autolite 24's, again gapped at 0.054.

  13. Think you've just :owned: yourself.
  14. that's weird because we get car's in all the time at our shop with a misfire and just had the plugs changed at some private shop and the plugs would be autolite's or some other plug and they would already be bad and then we'll change the plugs with motorcraft ones and it'll be gone. :shrug: but you could be right. i'm just saying that we have lots of trouble with aftermarket plugs and especially the autolites. well champions are the worst but that's a whole 'nother story.
  15. Joe: Im gonna go ahead and get new plugs for when we put the Romac In, since they didnt change them with the blower. Which ones should I get for My application? If they are ones we have at Walmart, Ill get them there. If not, Ill have to get them where you say is the best place.

    I figured I may as well do them while I got the car there doing the Romac. Once that balancer is done, and I get the right plugs/gap in there, Ill get the 4:1 FMU and the Tune, and hopefully I should be all set (for now, anyway)
  16. if you are gonna change your plugs, minds well go for iridium core ones. denso or ngk work nicely. im running NGK and they are great.
  17. That sounds like a good idea, except that the Iridium plugs are like $14 *each*. I can put in a set of Autolite 24's or 3924's for about $14 *total*. :D

  18. I have you set up pretty much and I use autolite plugs gapped at .032 because of the blower do not gap them at the factory settings of .054.

  19. That would be Autolite 3924?
  20. General rule for plugs, Stock range is for iron heads and no power adder - Autolite 3925, One range colder would be for either aluminum heads or a power adder, not both - Autolite 3924, and Two ranges colder for both aluminum heads and a power adder - Autolite 3923. Gapping for power adders is as said smaller than stock to help prevent spark blow out.