Headers off -- changing Spark Plugs -- what type are best?

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  1. Thanks..
    That explaination is fairly straight forward and Crystal Clear!
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  3. Vib told me today, the 39xx are for ALum heads, and for my Stock heads, I need the REGULAR 24's by Autolite.

    The Mnf chart says 25's, and one step colder would be 24's.

  4. I think Vib is right on this, I had a brain fart I guess :bang: , the iron head plugs are the 25 - stock, 24 - iron plus power adder, gapping according to the power adder. Sorry about that... :doh:
  5. Which is 0.032 as above, Correct?
  6. Spark Plug Brands- Conversion Question

    I pulled off the spark plugs today, and they were NGK brand. The type was NGK R UR5

    Does anyone know what the AUTOLITE equivalent is?
    Im guessing it is the Autolite 25, since that is the MNF recommended one for my car.

  7. Running good so far, and it seems strange, but it actually looks like the ECT may be running a little lower.
  8. Sorry guys for bringing this post alive but I need help
    I just installed TW heads and I put 3923 plugs
    What is difference between 3923 and 3924
    And what gap is supposed to be on my TW heads N/A