headers... so many to choose from!

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  1. ok, well i decided im going to put some headers on and probably new exhaust pipes/mufflers. I think i wanna go flowmaster any good combo's ?

    So far its a stock 88 gt, but i will be converting to Mass air. :shrug:
  2. Go longtube headers, the rest is up to you...
  3. BBK longtubes, O/R H-Pipe, Flows....can't get more mustang then that :nice:
  4. around what pricing and is that with labor or not. If its possible to get a kit for the exhaust i would put it on myself but i hear is better to weld it then clamp it
  5. The headers that you use has a lot to do with whether or not you will have to deal with emissions testing. In my area longtubes would fail the visual as would the off road cross-over pipe.

    I prefer to clamp exhaust system together. Anytime I've seen stainless systems rust out it has been where they were welded together. Also if you decide to replace the mufflers at some point it's a lot easier if the system is clamped together.
  6. Plainfield man, I live in your neck of the woods, and my car has longtubes bbk and I fast pass the emissions test. Car has everything done to the engine as well, far from stock. Course I welded up my own catalytic system. Car ran 0 CO's and and 65 HC's. Visual is for the birds. If she runs clean she will pass.

    Welding is the only way to go!
  7. Full lengths are the way to go.
    BBK makes nice headers and they aren't that expensive. They also make a Cat H that will bolt right up to the headers. You can choose just about any cat back to bolt up after the H. I'd go with MAC. They sound really nice, especially with the FL's.
    BBK short system:
    160 (headers) 400 (cat H) 260 (cat back)
    BBK FL's:
    250 (headers) 380 (Cat X) 260 (cat back)
    These are just examples...the price is going to vary depending on what you get.
    Don't bother welding it. The ball and socket joint design works well and seldom leaks if assembled correctly..
    Just giving you some ideas...hope this helps...