SN95 Headers-tune?

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  1. I'm ginna be getting a pair of bbk shorty headers to add to the rest of my mac h pipe and mac exhaust on my 94 gt. How is this gonna be? Should I loose power or gain a few? The main question I have is am I going to need a tune after I install the headers? And how do I get a tune, at a mechanic or can I buy one? Sorry I'm new to this tuning crap lol. Also how is the install is it a pain in the ass?
  2. Expect about 10-15 hp
    You may lose some low end torque
    No tune needed
    Shorty headers not that hard. Make sure you PB blast all the bolts a few times over the days before you do it. I like to use 1" allen head bolts with lock washers on the headers.
  3. Bbk shortys will not provide any noticeable difference on an otherwise stock engine. No power gains, no change in volume, NOTHING. They are a great piece to replace cracked stock headers but if you are looking for a boost you need long tubes. No tune needed with either.
  4. Not really looking for gains.didn't expect anything. I just want a different more aggressive tone. Would they helpnfor that? Or waste of money?
  5. If your factory manifolds are in good shape a cat back is all you need to wake the exhaust up.
    My car came with a Mac h pipe and mufflers on stock manifolds. Swapped out to bbk shorties abd there was ZERO difference.
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  6. Ok thanks sty that's all I needed to know. I'm pretty sure mines fine. I have an ezhaudt leak up front but thinknits the h pipe. My mac only lasted a yeat or so and It rusted all the way through. Never again will I buy mac anything. I'm gonna have to inspect the headers just to make sure there not cracked. I know there all twisted and dented up. But I'm sure that's how tthey are from the factory.
  7. The stock ones look all dented up, hence the term spaghetti headers. If you pay attention to all the twists in them you will notice that it's all about being able to fit a huge deep well socket on those massive 1/2" header bolts they used for no apparent reason.