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  1. meh, I had both a pacesetter x and h for my fox and fitmet was great...
  2. I have had 2 different sets of Pacesetter L/T's and also has my friends. For the price and quality of flange size you cant beat them, certainly for Ceramic Coated ones at that.
  3. I've had them on my car since August . No fittment issues. Install was time consuming but fairly easy. They actually tuck under my car better than my bbk X pipe did. All and all for the money plus being ceramic coated, which was important to me. I'm pretty satisfied . I just wanted to share my experience with other members that were looking at long tubes in the price range . These headers left me with more ground clearance than my buddies Mach 1 with Mac lts. I'm lowered 2 inches,but have only scraped once.
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  4. Sorry in op i meant to say questions instead of suggestions.
  5. Thanks mustangman I put off buying these for a long time cause everyone said they sucked on mustangs. In my case they fit , like u said good thick flanges and a LT ceramic set up for around 500 , had to try, glad I did. They may have had fitment issues early on ( pacesetter ) but it seems to be resolved . The welds are not the best I've seen but they don't leak.
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