1. I'm looking into getting headers. I think I'm going to go with the long tube headers but I have a simple possibly stupid question I'm going to het an H/X PIPE but I wanna know witch one is better for regular street driving an h pipe or an x pipe and would I have to modify them to fit with the headers or will they bolt right up? And also why are some of the headers on summit under 200 $ and others in mid 300 $?
  2. I've done both. X pipe is supposed to help scavenging and be the better of the 2. But the H pipe will give you a more muscle sound. I like my X pipe.... H is also a bit louder.
  3. Thanks that helps a lot ..I don't really car about making the car perform betrer but I do care about getting the best sound so I guess ill go with the H pipe
  4. Longtubes are definately the way to go. H-pipe or X-pipe, hp claims are dubious. I honestly thing they are about the same. H-pipe gives you a little bit of a throatier sound.

  5. 95Vert383AOD - Nice build. Which X pipe do you have?

    I also wanted to ask how you like the radiator? I work at C&R and plan to drop one in mine when I start on the mods.
  6. Thanks kurt! Ill def be getting some longtubes asap and ill pair it up with the h pipe!
  7. Scratch that the stang already has an catless h pipe installed already! I was wondering why it sounded so good with only a catback ha so I guess all I need is headers...also just found out my car has some suspension work...the coil springs arw red anybody know what brand makes red springs I know ford racing is blue and stock should be black right? Sorry for all these questions I'm new to mustangs and I know you guys are the right people to ask...
  8. The Ford Racing springs I had were black. It would be really hard to tell unless there are some markings on them. They could be Edelbrock. My guess would be Eibach since they seem pretty popular. But ya never know. They could be some random springs bought off fleabay.
  9. You guys build a bad to the bone radiator. I bought a C&R Aluminum 10 years ago back when Steeda sold them. It fit perfect the first time, and hasn't leaked a drop in 10 years.

  10. I bought the Steeda Radiator like 11 years ago during their summer special and it was C&R.

    I've had 4-5 different exhaust combo's. My favorite by far was Ceramic Long Tubes into Prochamber.
  11. Yeah, we have some very good fab guys welding them up. I've seen one bent in half that still held pressure.
    We have one of Jeff Gordon's radiators in the lobby. It was shipped back to us with a SOLID 1/4" layer of rubber covering the entire core. They said it finished the race and never overheated.o
  12. I'm using a high flow catted MAC x pipe. Its catted because the car doesnt stink now and i wanted it a little quieter. The C&R works perfectly. Looks like good build quality and ive been running it the past few years no problems.
  13. I use the ProChamber. I really like the sound, but it's not popular with most people. I'm saving my pennies to buy new ceramic coated headers. They are $530 now though. Mine are so thin, and I'm tired of driving around with sweaty feet.

  14. I never knew why people don't get ceramic headers or some type of coating. Trust me the first 4 headers I bought were not coated either so I'm in that boat too. With the GT40X heads I bought MAC 1-5/8" Long Tubes in Chrome which turned purple on the first start up which is a terrible feeling after spending $300. Had it matched with the Prochamber and MAC cat back. When I changed to AFR 185's I went MAC 1-3/4" Ceramic Long Tubes w/ 3" collector, MAC 3" Prochamber and MAC 3" cat back. Best sounding exhaust I've ever had probably because it bolted to a 347 stroker. Also it never discolored.

    Here they are:


  15. I had the full MAC exhaust with the Pro Chamber and I have to agree. Mine seemed cheaply made and it rusted in our Indiana winter almost as soon as I let it down off of the jack. But the sound to this day was the best I have heard coming from a Mustang. I will probably buy MAC again for my 94. But I will be sure to go ceramic.
  16. I bought the BBK 1519 headers in 1999. I made the horrible mistake of wrapping them. DON'T EVER DO THIS. I had a whole tube collapse the day before I had to drive 270 miles to be with family for Thanksgiving. I had to pull the header in a parking lot, take it to a welder, and have a new primary tube put in. Funny thing is that the repair job has lasted 10 years. I have since sandblasted them and put that cheap fire proof paint on, which has actually held up remarkably. I am doing a couple side jobs to save money for a set of BBK 1 and 3/4" headers. Tomorrow I'm flying up to Kentucky to drive a car 400 miles down here for some money.

  17. That sounds like fun. What kind of car?

    My brother painted some old Pacesetter headers with that 1500 degree paint and it held up really well also.
  18. On my 95 Mustang.

  19. No, I meant what kind of car are you driving back from Kentucky?
  20. 2003 Jaguar S-Type. Kind of a weird story. My friend's wife was taking her son (from a previous marriage) up to Tennessee with her mother to visit family, in her mother's car. Of course, because it's a Jaguar, it broke down and they had to tow it almost 100 miles to the nearest Jaguar dealership to get it fixed. This was over the weekend and the dealership couldn't even look at it until this past Tuesday. Turned out to be nothing more than a broken vacuum line. My friend is mechanically inclined, but wasn't on this trip. Anyway, they ended up leaving the Jag behind and renting a car to get home. My friend was telling me that they were going to rent a car and pack their 2 kids who are under the age of 4 in the back seat and make a 2 day venture to pick up this car. I felt really bad for them. Since I work for an airline, it doesn't cost me anything to catch a flight. So I took a free flight up to Louisville and drove the car 400 miles back to Atlanta for them. Uneventful trip, thank god. The mother in law of my friend is well to do and insisted on paying me a day's wages for making this trip for her. So now I have some header money.

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